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    DB tharupunaa money pool chedhaamu to help poor/families who are effected with Covid. Ground level loo evarannaa contact untee chudandi I have donated to this guy https://twitter.com/Manu_SMK, seems to be doing genuine help **** NO AMOUNT IS SMALL **** Few ideas : 1. covid vallaa work vellaleeni vallaki Ration/provision kits 2. Medical kits laanti with necessary medication/supplies 3. evarannaa covid patients ki food delivery chesee vallaki donate cheyyatam open to other ideas. meeku evarikaina already help chesthunnaa contacts thelisthee share cheyyandi, DB tharupuna pool chesina money tho donations ivvacchu. sorry if this has been discussed previously. Donation/Distribution of Funds are discussed in this Thread Donation Details: Once you donate to one of the following accounts, please update here to this thread or send me a direct message. I will confirm and update the Donors List below. US Account Details: 71vivek@gmail.com - Zelle Details Account Name: Vivek Nagubadi Paypal Account Details: vivek.nagubadi@gmail.com India - PhonePe/Gpay/PayTM : 9886483839 - Prakhyat India Bank Transfer Account Details: Account Number: 23921510000150 IFSC Code: HDFC0002392 Name: Vivek Nagubadi Donors List: @God Of Masses - 1,700$ @Raaz-NTR - 150$ @kurnool NTR - 100$ @HelloNTR - 100$ @prakhyat - 5,000 INR @eNterTaineR - 125$ @baagunnara - 100$ @Tarak-The Star - 150$ @Angel - 250$ @latha8 - 500$ @jaytheking - 500 INR @buntypa1 (twitter) - 100 INR @Vinod NKR - 500 INR @kodiNANDAMURI - 250$ @gopi089 - 200$ @Telugunadu - 150$ @The Wolverine - 50$ @gutta_NTR - 150$ Leelaveerabhadra Hanuma Dommeti - 100$ Sandeep Nalluri - 250$ Chanakya Para - 200$ @Pavan Kumar - 200$ @Kranthi - 150$ @E sravan kumar - 50$ @NBKSimha - 200$ Hemanth Movva - 116$ @subash.c - 100$ @AndhraBullodu - 200$ Kaza Praneeth - 100$ Anonymous - 225$ @PRUDHVI - 100$ Giri Narra - 150$ @Yaswanth526 - 100$ Teja Garapati (javag) - 50$ @Ramarajyam - 116$ Murali Nalluri - 250$ @balayyatheking - 100$ @abhi - 100$ Abhinav Mannava - 200$ Sagar Nalluri - 50$ Ramarao Achanta - 100$ @Kiran - 100$ Pokiri1 (BTDB) - 50$ @boppu - 100 AUD/78.48 USD Indian UPI Donations - Will Be Updated here : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QCcIEHvsrvQqgMaIb-CA2FZeiUs9agetvZE-6Z9I3Nw/edit?usp=sharing thanks DVR Fan - Gomesh
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    Aayanni chustunnatte undi

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    DEV KATTA 🔥🔥🔥

    Siggunte kada party mida abhimanam tho basic emotions ni vadileskuntunnaru. Janam Lakshallo chanipotunnaru .. Talli leni biddalu, bharya leni bhartalu, pedda dikku pogottukunna families. Rekkala kastam aasupatriki posina dakkani pranalu. Pranam dakkina arthikamga chitikipoina kutumbalu.udyogam pogottukunna vallu,.. Enni kastalu, enni kanneellu, aarani chiti mantalu .. ee papam palakuladi .. cheta kani daddammaladi, elections adhikaram tappa mundu chupuleni sannasi prabhutvanidi .. hantukudaina pradana mantri di
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    Ante, MODI, Shaw kakunda... meeru or bhakthulu or bhaarateeyulu or Ramasena pattinchekune names list ivvandi. Atuside nundi narukkuntu vastham.
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    Next Goa elections ki ready

    Avuthunna universal star 😜
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    Positive signs for TDP

    oppositon lo unna parledu ganee aa penta manaki oddu ra nayana...edo 4-5 seats kosam kakkurthi padi aa Lanxx kodnku toni pothe malli modatike mosam aitadi.
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    Chinese Rocket

    Take modi guidance he will tell when clouds will be there and he can attack that and dismantle before reaching us
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    AP ki anyayam jarigindhi -Yeah.. adhi tappa migatha antha baaga chesaadu. Asaam lo baaga development chesaadu. Btw, reOrg promises are are on the way 😅 Demonitization was a disaster. - yeah.. koncham hasty gaa chesaadu .. rest all he did good. 😂 Failed to address the tragedies of migrant labor - yeah..adokkate issue..otherwise wave1 was superHit 🤣 Elections meeda focus petti Desaanni wave2 ki appaginchaadu - Yeh., predict cheyadam lo koncham issues unnayi.but he is on par with other nations..otherwise 😁😂🤣. vaadu chese prathi sannasi act ki.. tala opputhu... if/but/ kinthu..paranthu.. clauses tho..vaadi thoka ne pattukuni swimming cheyadam.. Baffas 🤣🙏🤣
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    Okadi ashradda valla desham lo unna janalu kashtalu padutu guttalu ga chastuna inka guddiga support chestunaaru ante vallu entha nikrushtapu edavalo ardam avutundi
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    India needs ...

    Nee bonda intha worst ga thayaru ayyav endira..there is a limit ..it’s national disaster..he failed..why he send vacccines out..why he did not aim to improve infra between first and second..what the fffuck he did with pm care ...Arvind is much better..he exposed modi wisely ..udhav meeda tharavatha edavachu what about Karnataka modi is biggest failure..and only social media maniaca support him..
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    Himanta Biswa Sarma

    Country eh Assam chesaru! Inka Assam lo gelupu emundi?
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    I am sorry so say this brother..but what happened to u..have u completely lost ur reasoning ability..? blaming opposition for this vaccine issue..? this is beyond silly..this is what happens when we take a wrong side and support it irrespective of what they do..I remember Akhilesh yadav saying something against the vaccines..I dont remember any other known leader talking against the vaccines..some people asked why bharat biotec vaccine was approved even before the 3rd phase trials..that was a valid question and still is..vaccine hesitency is common in people..its the responsibility of the government to convince people to go for it. When rumours and some real news spreading about the side effects of the vaccine, there has to be one single voice for it..not multiple voices..they should have created a task force with one guy leading..publicise the taskforce..and make sure that all the important announcemnets are coming from that leader/group..then u will have a better chance of convincing people..did govt have any target at all..? when will we open for 18..when will have it available for all..what the capacity..? whats the demand..? there was absolutely zero planning..exporting vaccines when we needed them and publicising it..? Some central monister said Rahul gandhi is a foreign pharma company agent just because he asked them to approve the other country vaccines..can u think anything worse than that..? and you blame opposition for the mess..? Indian Vaccination program is the one of the worst man made disasters in indian history.
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    akhil ch

    Respect 🙏🙏

    Remember his name. His name is Narayan Dabhadkar. 👇 Won’t make it to TIME magazine cover !! “He is the 85 year old man who gave away his reserved hospital bed to a younger man stating he has lived his life ” He quietly went home and passed away later. Om Shanti 🙏 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
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    Amresh puri

    వాక్సిన్ రాష్ట్రాలే కొనుక్కోండి - కేంద్రం వాక్సిన్ జిల్లాలే కొనుక్కోండి - రాష్ట్రం వాక్సిన్ మండలాలే కొనుక్కోండి - జిల్లా వాక్సిన్ గ్రామాలే కొనుక్కోండి - మండలం అట్టా నా వంక సుత్తావేరా. మొన్నేగా ఓటుకి రెండు వేలు ఇచ్చాను. పోయి నువ్వే కొనుక్కో - మా ఊరి కొత్త సర్పంచ్ 😜
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    akhil ch

    Malli yesesadu-15+1=

    One on one debate ki Ra Ra kojjja na kodaka. Lokesh gadu nilabetti rafe sesestadu. Nadi road mida kurchoni nirbhaya case esukodame
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    TPT Bi-Election MP Majority

    Voted now VVpat lo check chesa, correct gane vachhindi... Hope TDP will get good results 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
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    kurnool NTR

    Kumbh was infact the super spreader

    BBC ante British, they looted India. Obviously they are against Hindus.
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    Varanasi Sadhu Says Modi to Resign

    B odi gaa,nuvvu entha luchaa vo telugu janam ki eppudoo thelusu... Now nature has made u nude in front of public sad u cannot harass nature with Ed raid or IT raid
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    Been a modi admirer for years but the way covid has been handled especially in the last 6 months has made me feel ashamed,disgusted beyond measure. People are suffering so much,we doctors are suffering so much. Been getting close to 10 calls and numerous messages daily from extended family and friends in these last few months for beds/medicines/other resources and now even for vaccination slots. Breaks my heart daily seeing so many people in pain and it's endless suffering with no end in sight cause it's beyond us to help everyone,it needs something bigger,much bigger,but there's no one. It's completely overwhelmed us,completely done us in and there's no one to look for,absolutely no one. so many colleagues from college days and seniors too have passed away and have left young families with nothing and there's no one for them. For 8 months before the turn of the year we had to re-use disposable masks too cause of acute shortage,now we have to beg everyone around us for vaccination for everyone we know and care,when did bloody something so basic as vaccination with so much buffer time to prepare become a privilege and not a basic necessity? Em desham sami idi,when we are xxxxxxx scared to even meet our parents or friends in months so as not infect them, how dare these politicians do rallies and how dare people in general leave all covid measures to god till it hit everyone hard in the last two months? Is the govt responsible - YES but are the public exempted - NEVER, we as people are as responsible for this catastrophe. Never forget that. Hospital la roju body bags chustunte tears aagatle intikochaka,kanisam family ki kuda body ni muttukoni edavalani paristiti,direct ga smashanam ki teskelladam and akkada evaro body ni kaalchadam and manam dooram nunchi chudatam. This happened to my mom's friend,both her kids are in USA,both parents visited them for the daughter's pregnancy. One month after her grand daughter was born, her husband alagadam start chesadu that he wants to come back india ki ani,entha try chesina vinakpothe koduku ticket book chesadu father ki and mother stayed back .ikkadiki ochina two weeks ki covid ochi he was admitted into the ICU,she came india ki urgent ga,ochina two days ki he passed away. Body ni daggarlo kuda she couldn't see and thanu dooram ga graveyard lo chustu undagane akkada unnavalle chithi pettaru,relatives Corona bhayam ani evadu ravatle,kids America la stuck,she told them not to come ikkadaki oste stuck avtaru ani vallu entha adigina. Next day graveyard nunchi she got a call ashes and bones collect cheskodaniki randi,lekapothe we'll dispose ani annaru,she was stunned and didn't know what to do,she was completely in shock,finally IAS evarthono cheppiste they gave locker facility akkada to keep for one month. She now is alone and when anyone calls her also she's not in any state to function with so much trauma. Idi janala paristiti ippudu,janalaki maryada ga ending kuda ivvaleni paristiti with peak corruption and non-regulation there too. It's one horror story after another. P.S- All people defending the indefensible please don't,it's been a disaster of epic proportions. Someone needs to pay for all this pain and all these lives. Manushula pranalakanna bochulo party affiliations or leader cults goppa kaadu. Only when we hold our own accountable,do we have a right to question our opposition. And our side screwed up,big time. Shame on us,all of us as citizens. I didn't post here for so many days kani after randomly visiting after many months and seeing some posts and how everyone is fighting for their side and going on ego trips, i wanted to write this,to tell you how it is on the ground . sorry if this offended anyone.
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    Siddarth 😙

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    firestar solomon

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    All credits to PK

    2019 lo bjp support valla ysrcp gelichindi, EVM manipulation Inka apeyandi focus on electioneering
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    2nd wave root cause found

    Veelu okka amma abba ki puttinoleynaa
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    Power lo undi opposition vaccination meeda negative publicity chestunte em peekaru Inkenduku mandate teesukundi. Opposition's job is to find fault in everything that gov. does. BJP opposition lo unnappudu petrol price perigithe em chesindi. Gola cheyyaleda? Power loki vachi malli antha kante double prices increase chesaru. Power lo undi opposition meeda padi edavatam endo artham kaadu Adi kuda malli Indian political history lone weakest opposition. Also, going into history. Remember how Indira Gandhi force family planning operations when she was in the power. Sanjay executed the whole thing. At that time, Vajapyee and all Jan Sangh opposed those actions which is correct. Still Indira went ahead with her plans on people since she had power and mandate. That's a ruling gov. should do if they are serious on a policy. Anthe kaani weak opposition ni reason ga chupinchi, chetulu ettadam kaaadu.
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    You didn't fail, We did 🙏

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    2nd dose can wait upto 4 months, priority given the surge is to get the 1st dose. Vaccination going on par or better than any world country. States already administering for 18+ in limited mode.
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    akhil ch

    Bengal exit polls

    I'm feeling happy seeing the death of BJP workers now in Bengal just like how they felt while TDP cadre was attacked post 2019. I'm no better than you. I enjoy the same level of psychoism. Come with a new game other than Maligning the image of the one against you even if you win/lose. Before you start your moral tweets/posts look at the mirror and spit on it or else spit on the sky and wait for your saliva to fall over your face. That's as equal as attacking me as I'm the same as you now.
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    ఇదీ సంగతి

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    Serum Institute CEO Jump

    Desam Kosam Dharmam Kosam! India in hands of Mafia!
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    Royal Nandamuri

    PM Cares

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    Do you dare do this Modi ?

    Next tym if tdp makes alliance with BJP , will skip voting tdp also
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    tea shop gadiki ani thelivi tettalu vunthe ...IIT akkada vadu kavali ane chesadu .... to project that he has been raising voice and that PM is not acting accordingly ...
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    Positive signs for TDP

    Right from panchayati,municipal and tirupathi bi-elections nunde choostunna,YCP is very insecure.....anni welfare schemes ichina,volunteers and police nunde donga votes varuku vacharante,valla base kadulutunde......Lokesh aggressive campaign kooda oka positive sign.....slow ga TDP cadre lo acceptance vastunde,elage continue chesthe common people lo kooda acceptance vastunde....TDP future leader evaru ane question ke answer dorukutunde Inka Janasena kooda slow ga fade out ayipovachu due to alliance with BJP...so gattiga try chesthe,TDP 2024 lo own ga government form cheyochu!!!
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    Ruling lo unnappudu evadu leader ga edhagadu. Ootame anni nerpisthundhi.
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    akuna matata

    suman TV ni eskunna RRR

    RRR YCP lo undi YCP ni aadukuntunnadu kabatti Intha fun undhi Adhe TDP or BJP lo undi vimarshisthe Intha effect undadhu
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    5 laksh majority to

    5 లక్షల మెజారిటీ నుంచి, టిడిపి గెలిస్తే అనే దాకా వచ్చాడు పెద్దిరెడ్డి... దా దా దా, ఇంకా ఇంకా దించుతారు ప్రజలు... నీ రాజీనామా, టిడిపి రాజీనామాలు ఎవరికీ కావాలి ? దమ్ముంటే విశాఖ ఉక్కు కోసం, స్పెషల్ స్టేటస్ కోసం చేయండి...
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    Don’t you feel ashamed of yourself before you feel yourself as intellectual in this DB?? incident ki CBN ki em sambandham? Power lo unnadi evadu?
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    No...everyone mistake there... state gvts film industry, pharma industry, IT industry, opposition parties communists liberals china America Africa aliens Sun Saturn Vijay shankar(3d player) David Warner Final ga public Ila andaru poga migilna vata koddiga adina migilthe maa modi di Sorry marchipoya nehru,valla nanna adedo nehru(name gurtuku ratledu) ,valla kuturu indira Gandhi...it continues and
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    this episode proves cbn is miles ahead than many edhavas in morals and ethics kcr kukka lantodu
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    neee STRENAH eh verappaaa..... keep it up!
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    Amresh puri

    Oka pakka desam nasanam avthuntey heroism antunnaru endi?? Are we in democracy or not?? kaneesam athanu voice raise chesaadu santhosinchaali .. okkasari India ki vachi chusthet telusthundi daily enni ambulances tiruguthunnayo ani
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    Visa gadu Birthday roju kuda

    evarni ignore cheyakudadu alage burada kadukkovadame kakunda burada challatam kuda start cheyali
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    TPT Bi-Election MP Majority

    Ma intlo 5 votes TDP ki veyincha, naku telisina vallu oka 11 members TDP ke vesaru.. Devuda good result ivvu TDP ki 🙏🙏🙏🙏
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    TPT Bi-Election MP Majority

    matata uncle first time oka postive esinattu vunnav... keep your expectations low...
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    Once again say Raja Kaja