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  1. ost See new posts Conversation Lokesh Nara @naralokesh I write to you today with a heart heavy with pain and eyes moistened with tears. I've grown up watching my father pour his heart and soul into the betterment of Andhra Pradesh and the Telugu people. He never knew a day of rest, tirelessly striving to transform millions of lives. His politics have always been marked by dignity and honesty, and I've witnessed the deep inspiration he drew from the love and gratitude of those he served. Their heartfelt thanks filled him with pure joy, akin to a child's delight. I, too, drew inspiration from his noble path and followed in his footsteps, leaving a comfortable job in America to return to India. It was a tough decision, but I had faith in our nation, our systems, our foundational principles, and, above all, our Constitution. Yet, today, as I see my father unjustly thrown into remand for a crime he never committed, my anger simmers, and my blood boils. Is there no limit to the depths political vendetta will sink? Why must a man of my father's caliber, who has accomplished so much for his country, state, and Telugu people, endure such injustice? Is it because he never stooped to engage in vendetta or destructive politics? Is it because he envisioned growth, welfare, and opportunities for our people long before others? Today feels like a betrayal. But, my father is a fighter, and so am I. We will rise with an unstoppable force, guided by unwavering determination for Andhra Pradesh and Telugu people worldwide. I ask you to join me in this battle. #PeopleWithNaidu #FalseCasesAgainstNaidu
  2. కోర్టు ఆర్డర్ వచ్చాకా రేపు ఉదయం హైకోర్టులో టీడీపీ హౌస్ మోషన్ పిటిషన్... మధ్యాహ్నం విచారణకు వచ్చే అవకాశం #ChandrababuArrest
  3. వ్యతిరేక Judgement వస్తే, హై కోర్టు తలుపు తట్టడానికీ ఇరువర్గాలూ రెడీ #ChandrababuArrest
  4. Brother You could change your comment and remove by irresponsible comment

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