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  1. Kreem songs max Screen meda choosthe vachhe kick ye veru
  2. USA Fans Challenging Jr. NTR In one of his interviews, NTR was asked as to what was the craziest thing that a fan has ever done for him. NTR said he does not want to pinpoint anything and if he reveals it, they will do something even bigger and surprise him. The same has exactly happened in the U.S. now as die hard NTR fans have readied a first of its kind airplane banner. A small video has gone viral where a small chartered plane is shown hoisting a banner with the title “Tokkukuntu Povalae Jai NTR #RRR” in mid air. Usually, we see such expensive promotions by production houses but n
  3. Allu Arjun Does It Himself, Fans Enough For NTR It is known that Allu Arjun engineered a striking catchphrase with Pushpa – Thaggede Le. Bunny extensively publicized this phrase during Pushpa’s promotions as he was even seen wearing t-shirts that had ‘Thaggede Le’ imprinted on them. Following Pushpa’s OTT release, the phrase Thaggede Le and the related beard swipe manners turned super popular. Now, Jr NTR‘s fans have come up with a catchphrase of their own and this is related to RRR. In RRR’s trailer, Jr NTR says “Thokkukuntu Povaale” in one of the sequences and this has evid
  4. naaku alavaatu ledu uncle, btw late ga join ayyindhi ga shooting
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