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  1. TDP batch congress ki eseyyandi
  2. TDP, TDP Cader, TDP associated media must ignore this planned shit and concentrate on Badvel elections and highlight govt mistakes
  3. Lokesh Badvel mottam round veyali, one month time undi.
  4. ఎన్నికల నోటిఫికేషన్‌: అక్టోబర్‌ 1 నామినేషన్ల స్వీకరణ గడువు: అక్టోబర్‌ 8 నామినేషన్ల పరిశీలన: అక్టోబర్‌ 11 నామినేషన్ల ఉపసంహరణ: అక్టోబర్‌ 13 ఎన్నికల పోలింగ్‌: అక్టోబర్‌ 30 ఓట్ల లెక్కింపు: నవంబర్‌ 2
  5. Ntr biopic ki veellu chesina penta gurtu leda. Ycp tho kalise dramalu ... For TDP, ycp or janasena same
  6. JSP tho alliance ante it's over. BCS veyaru ...TDP will get single digit. BCS ye kadu nenu kuda party Marchesta.
  7. Inko sari bjp js tie up ante it's done and dusted. Go alone, Andhrapradesh kosam center lo ye party vaste aa party ki support. Maku evvaranna okkate should be the win win slogan
  8. Its not tech savvy cbn in office, we can't expect such from self claimed chaiwala
  9. Evadu ekkuva biscuits era veste aadike vote. Announce mind blasting free schemes in canvassing
  10. Evadno set chesi mida padamantaru ..okkati pikithe ..enough footage .. Hero Sorrounding control loki tiskune bodyguards without uniform undali
  11. Only fools will attribute panjab cm change to Pakistan .. Bjp ROFL If I am not wrong modi went and meeted pak pm mother .last term ..
  12. Why r u plucking feathers, that content mis.not from official TDP
  13. Stop these threads, instead post govt failures. Expose wrong doings Economy appulu no.voter cares . Bjp backing ycp anyway. don't deviate, don't divert ppl attention to useless topics. Your intentions may be good but that doesn't help party any way.
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