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  1. Ycp then had no support except own strength, bjp is in power Central and has support from there...how can we compare ..
  2. Serlingam pally TDP strong candidate vubdevadu ..trs lo vunadu ..lakku randi I think lb nagar also good Kukatpally suhasini garu
  3. Can we have vote in both states ..
  4. Idream Suman TV Telakapalli Undavilli Ila chala Mandi sacharu web lo dialy ide pani. Fb lo ..nadendla, lapaki, anty TDP batch discussion interviews..it's non stop music .. TDP literally dead in this investment
  5. 3.5 yrs aindi ..visakha ki yem chesaru ..abhvruddi referendum elections ki nenu ready ani digali ... geliste craze ..vodithe sympathy...poyedi emi ledu
  6. Adani ki 2L cr not a big thing ...i dont see him like beer malya
  7. Cash cheskovalanna best plan ye ga ..once coal supplies reduced globally mana coal ye supreme . We are to get imports smoothly with might of our adani .. other countries wont have such hold in our country on natural sources .. appreciate it
  8. One thing is clear ... TRS gonna lose this time
  9. We can't consume all coal in india ..it's not good for environmental cycle ... Importing is definitely right choice .. coal usage to be eliminated all together but it's gradual process ..
  10. Vizag airport navy ki untadi, bia cargo n overhaul, passenger ki. Aa matram plan ledu ankunara. Vizag airport navy base valla ippudu kuda konni restrictions unnai. Tender Inka confirm avaleda bia ?
  11. Arogya sri ki already telugu states paying. Malli 40% aa scheme ki ante states ki burden. Instead arogya sri limit penchi deaseas cover penchithe saripoddi emo ga. State ki credit untadi
  12. Jai Balayya :no1:

    Jai TDP :no1:


    Mera bhaarat Mahaan :no1:

  13. Must watch video why tenders called again. Raju garu rocks Wish to see him again as aviation minister from 2019
  14. Ee project latest news enti shelved ah
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