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  1. IPAC targetting all TDP active leaders in social media with bootulu .. degrading stuff ..Anam Reddy, ayyanna, anitha etc etc .. TDP active batch Assalu taggakudadu ..they must be doing good what they have been doing off late . TDP still not hired any to dominate or compete social media spamming
  2. Guest house lo adi idi ani personal target chesaru ameni mud slinging ..these ycp scrap is never before ..too low ..worst ..god must be crazy giving these guys such life ..where is dharmam .. somewhere it has to start to kill these idiots forever
  3. Sardukupoledu . Cases vesaru protests chesaru chestunaru . Police nets lekunda bayata ki raleka cm sastunnadu Judicial financial name tho kurnool bki vizag ki okka rupee plus jaragaledu ..infact visa Reddy robbing and spoiling vizag Beauty ..if u meant to be sarcastic it's time to switch gears ..attack
  4. Adani ki 2L cr not a big thing ...i dont see him like beer malya
  5. Cash cheskovalanna best plan ye ga ..once coal supplies reduced globally mana coal ye supreme . We are to get imports smoothly with might of our adani .. other countries wont have such hold in our country on natural sources .. appreciate it
  6. One thing is clear ... TRS gonna lose this time
  7. All sickulars look around and see love jihad .. . SAI pallavi laga h abt hindu marrying muslim girl antara .. You can't equate both ..one is agenda and other is an incident and won't cause any harm to existence
  8. We can't consume all coal in india ..it's not good for environmental cycle ... Importing is definitely right choice .. coal usage to be eliminated all together but it's gradual process ..
  9. TDP + js option vunte give JS 10 seats max ..option lekapothe better .. if anty wave is there no.one votes to JS like last time even JS vote bank voted jagan ..ignore his dramas keep creating momentum . exposing dacoit n inefficient jalagan
  10. Ayyanna and Anam Reddy master blaster batting .. Power vachaka kuda continue cheyali
  11. Vizag airport navy ki untadi, bia cargo n overhaul, passenger ki. Aa matram plan ledu ankunara. Vizag airport navy base valla ippudu kuda konni restrictions unnai. Tender Inka confirm avaleda bia ?
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