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  1. mana tdp fans etu chethulethesaru ... malli 22 mps oste atleast chakram tipputadu kalam karmam kalisoste
  2. maree bazaar gadila ayyadu sid ekadaleni penta antha pooskuntunnadu
  3. if goal is through individual, then okay lets go ahead with the original plan ..
  4. no what im saying is ... meeru or someone in DB pool chesi we can transfer the amount to the person who can donate it through the company kada .. so that the whole thing will be 100% matched .. already db lo donations chesina vallu or evaraina unte they can take it up if they have frnz in those companies .. i know personally apple adobe msft are doing .. If people are willing, i can help it through microsoft .. ofcourse only to non profit org and i will post the confirmation
  5. guys.. some companies like msft are doing 100% match to donations.. but unfortunately we cannot donate to individuals.. if you want to donate to any non profit, we can coordinate and donate money through company so that it will be doubled .. please let me know if you like this idea.. also non profit edo dcd cheste i can check if it is present ... almost anni unnai, like last year i donated to basavatarakam hosp
  6. Enduku ra babu me party .. entha sepu anthargathanga nenu CM candidate nenu CM candidate ani kottukotam thappithe ... worst batch aina BJP ne better .. entha EP vagudu vaagina atleast edoti peekuthunnaru ... meeru mee strong hold lo kooda emi ledhu TRS ki surrender avvatam thappa ...
  7. bhaya tpt gelvatam impossible le ... SC reserved .. inkoncham majority thaggedi emo anthe ... but aa edava tho petkunte vere chotla baari bokka
  8. we should get same votes as in 2019 ... rest elagaina savandi
  9. eediki entha sepu edupe pani ... aadetappudu ipudu politics lo
  10. happy birthday.. hope we bounce back stronger
  11. ysrcp majority taggite == tdp win ainatte
  12. we should go all out on publicity ...
  13. bjp + js candidate same caste as tdp plus same female .. thinte mana votes ae thintaru waste gallu ...