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  1. We also need to 3-4% votes to YCP than previous votes while also continuing your strategy These 3-4% can be due to more freebies , bhayam and good electioneering
  2. Yes absolutely Veella low profile concept valla image reverse avutundhi Allu mama type of personality backing up kaavali Lokesh ki
  3. Yes Ee type of hungama and image building cheyaledu Lokesh
  4. Hotel name yemiti Pattabhi gaaridhi?? Will go from now onwards
  5. Janaalu own ga vastunnaru I know that personally during CBN tour to vizag few months ago
  6. Thread title is like poking It’s unnecessary
  7. Ala yem kaadu bro Chaala mandhi Reddys ni lopala vesaru ee three years lo
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