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  1. All people will not be like that. There is a gross thinking happening across several sections of people. They are waiting for right time.
  2. My colleague bro in-law is a bank employee. Effected with COVID and got treatment for 12 days in hospital and then died. His age is 38 and he has two small kids. He is the only earning person for the family. What’s now???!!! whats this xxxxxxx disease doing???
  3. Ichina notice lo unna questions ki answers levu bro. Anduke time extension requested.
  4. CBI court notice lo questions ki answer lekane inka counter submit cheya ledu. It’s clear I think. Bail will be canceled
  5. Ippatike munaga kunda undhi kuda vaalla valle ga bro πŸ§πŸ˜‰
  6. Ala aela antaaru?? Akhanda YouTube records break cheyala??!! Days will change 😊. Unexpected things will happen πŸ‘. Wait and see
  7. He lost all his credit with his dilly dallying situations