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  1. This time Pamarru seat his son ki antunnaru…. So far craze bagane vundi anta….
  2. Gujjus having CBI and ED to pull other seats if required If margin is small they can pull it easily but anyway they can pull it irrespective of margin
  3. Why increasing railways capex when govt is disinvesting slowly
  4. Better we need to be cautious they might be coming as covert
  5. Nobody died lack of oxygen ani parliament lo chepparu ga
  6. It’s happening GJ bcz they started vande Bharat trains between GJ cities and other cities…..
  7. 10 mandi misuse chestunnaru ani 100s of families ni target cheyatam manchidi antaru….super brother….
  8. Ante bore but we will provide ani cheppi pindestaru annamata
  9. monna mopidevi velethe work bagane nadustondi......as per me, work is not that fast and not that slow
  10. Dora andarini adjust cheyaleka poyadu kada.......anduke Baffas oka hand veddam ani planing emo.....
  11. south west ante kaveri ki use emo kada brother....
  12. అందరికి ఇల్లు అని ..... GST వేసి రేట్స్ పెంచేసాడు.... ఇదెబ్బతో జనాలు వైద్యంకూడా చేయించుకోనివ్వడు ఏమో...
  13. Software vallu antha......last year kuda full traffic though they lifted gates for few days there was huge crowd/traffic.
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