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  1. BJP aaa bjp died with vajpayee and Advani….current ruling party in Center is Gujju mafia party with bjp mask…..
  2. Not this …..this one is Pebbi property…,, I want other one
  3. We reduced EPF interest for the benefit of nation…..we increased fuel price for the benefit of people…..
  4. Bullet meeda Ranga photo vundi….Edi chusthe jagga ki kadupu mandi potundi emo…
  5. Adi enti…..Done KE family kada
  6. Final ga avasaram meedi (govt) kabatti China company ki echaru antaru….tappu ledu…. ade janala avasaram kuda alantide kada…. like cheap mobiles and other items…..
  7. But they do not want to reduce any taxes instead want to squeeze more to fill their deficit……
  8. Anduke ga not coming out…..
  9. Anna echina job okati…..his own job okati….that is vision
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