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  1. 2 days lo MoSha lani manage chesthe type chesina orders kuda change cheyistaru
  2. Will Pushpins get this vaccine to their children….
  3. So passport, pan, Aadhar etc anni line lo nunchuni change chesukovalaaa
  4. Election coming ga elanti gimmicks chala vuntayee after that as usual….
  5. బిళ్ళ వేసుకోటమే….
  6. May be he waits for kachara to win and get help from all angles from him
  7. Today… panchayat kada same day counting
  8. Good antha ki minchi expect cheya ledu le
  9. Super in the way post how much other things have increased straying from petrol/diesel, rents, toll charges, groceries, rice etc. Rise of each item after GST….
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