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  1. Jagan or his followers kottina……proud ga feel iyye stage lo vunnaru
  2. We want this….deeni kosame we voted with 2 hands….
  3. Nice idea retired employees may misuse money if they get lump sum now……after 3 years we will give them with double returns……
  4. But that is topic in baffas groups ….if we can wait for some time this kind of msg comes to us
  5. Ok i heard lot of old temples were demolished ….but not 100% sure whether demolishment is part of this or not
  6. Lot of old temples ni demolish chesaru anta ga
  7. దేశంకోసం ...... ధర్మంకోసం కొంచం ఖర్చు అవుతుంది..... దాని కోసమే ఈఅప్పు
  8. Ekkada rich means not only business community….. vaddila (interest) batch aa kada and they are always against tdp
  9. I think he is collecting money and distribute lump sum money at once to his vote bank
  10. Oh ok looking at the situation/news ….I do not think he survived….
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