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  1. Still she is not repenting and she is happy with current govt ruling . If you observe She is not complaining or demanding anything from govt
  2. Yes ...someone should pass this feedback to RRR . Raju garu should focus on peoples day to day problems and govt inefficiency handling things . By doing this he will get more followers in neaturals
  3. Aged can understand ...youth ki mind and sense poyindi
  4. B0di kuda em cheyakunda officers ki free hand isthe kastha better ga untundin. Knowledge lekunda Noti ki edi vasthe adi vaguthu janalani chavagodthunnadu
  5. Ippudu Leni answers time teesukunte vasthaya Inko 4 tweets vesukovachu ee gap lo
  6. Leni kampa tagilnchukoni pitch Penta chesukunnnadu Musukoni unna bagundedi anukoni untadu
  7. Inko sudhakar la chestharu ....safe ga undandi .
  8. Nenu freebies ivanu economy improve chestha jobs create chestha ante evraina vote vesthara ? Be prepared for collapse
  9. Change title to ... " sontha party cadare ni torture paduthuna lokesh"
  10. Got little confused by looking at your post . Your one of the few member who post some sensible posts .
  11. Em matladuthunaru masteru .....virus ila mutate avuthunte it is highly impossible to get herd immunity