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  1. #Covid19 | The #Karnataka government has put out fresh guidelines and restrictions in the state. Amid the surge of global Covid-19 cases, the Karnataka government has put out fresh guidelines and restrictions in the state. The restrictions are also inclusive of events and celebrations scheduled on December 31 and January 1, 2023. https://www.indiatoday.in/india/story/karnataka-government-covid-guidelines-rise-global-cases-details-here-2314015-2022-12-27
  2. mana central govt chethulu kaalina tarvatha press meet petti publicity chesey badulu...paina leaders ki real info edaina telisthe PM saab press meet petti jagrattalu chepatam lantivi cheyochu public ki. PM saab Photoshoot ki manchi photos kuda vastayi
  3. marksans pharma stock few months ago, buy chesaru ga...sell chesara ?
  4. Today market fall ayithe pharma stocks okkate super ga perform chesayi...so investors selling in panic due to media news Morepen labs after huge fall since few months, ee roju 7% up Covid fear ilage continue ayithe media valla...malli pharma stocks will revive.
  5. This news might create panic....safe side ga profit lo unna stocks sell chesi capital reserve cheskotam melu anipistundi
  6. news nijamaithe...it's modi vancle and govt to stop the flights to/from china.
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