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  1. ee PR stunts maanukuni nijam ga desam kosam edhanna cheste desam baagupadhudhi. states meda padi edavatam tappithe.. power blackouts vache daaka power ministry ki ERC ki emi teliyadu ante... andaru kalisi evadi san ka vadu naakukomani cheppali. prathi lamdike gadu PR e pani cheyyatam maanesi.. chesedi 10rs aithe 1000Rs ga project chestaaru malli daaniki oka 200rs karchupedtaaru adhoka aamadam treasury ki.. taxes kattaleka chastunnam. rojuki 18hrs kastapadi sampadisthe 50-55% taxes roopam lo thengestunnaru. ee overseas nri's ni india shining ads propagate cheyyatam maneyyamani cheppali.. vallu
  2. He knows Telugu better than what general public thinks listening to him. Very short tempered and aggressive guy but good at heart. He doesn’t care about what others think.
  3. Currently states earn a lot on these registrations. If they make one registration across all this will become like another gst payment issue for states and in what ratio they will be given or distributed to states
  4. With the restrictions only ppl working for mnc Will get benefit in Pvt sector. State government employees ki no use.
  5. What’s the reliability of this index. Edho oka Jaffa index teesukochi memu top ante
  6. PR dramas bale adataadu, idhi malli Twitter lo etti desham kosam ani janalani VP lanu baaga chestunnadu
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