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  1. Cadre full hopes pettukundhe, 1st round manaki 5srats vallaki 4 seats 2nd round manam 6lead lo vunnamu In 30mins everything changed,I got a call mee ammagaru 18votes lag lo vunnaru anee,party office lo tension, sudeen gaa vallaki 8seats lead loki vellipoyaru manam 2 , my mom lost with313 votes,suddenly 2nd round lo vallaki 9/10 win ichesaru total gaa 22/30 ycp main gaa schemes effect plus overconfidence from main candidates, caste factor baaga work ayyindhe( oka caste naa elitundhe from last 15 years anna range lo negative techaru). dont worry mla seat 2024 pakka tdp win
  2. Mandapeta maa jilla motham hot topic laa marindhe, neck to neck vundhe. Result day varaku suspense tappadhu. Luckily neutrals are with us, there is lot of silent voting. as of now 50:50
  3. Mandapeta win avutamu bro ,present 50:50 vundhe with tdp edge
  4. Brother, oxymeter reading takkuva vunnappudu (around 84 -87) aaviri pattavacha? Any idea?

  5. has not set their status

  6. exceleent post mana ntr cinema chusinatha anadam gaa vundhi nee post,keep posting this type of excellent post