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  1. Rojuki evaro okallu telisina vallu chanipothunanru Asalu em jaruguthundo ardham kavatla inthintha mandi chanipothunna govts em chesthunnayo teliyatla
  2. Contributed my part to the charity hope it reaches the source
  3. Etu next elections gelavam ah taravatha daniki party a undadhu l8 teesukondi inka
  4. PK soon declare a new party and he is contesting for Bihar CM seat.
  5. Until harish revolt nothing will happen
  6. Same rajayya meda kuda same allegations chesaru ministry nunchi teesesyyali ante ide process anukunta now
  7. 100 Crore Land Scam allegations on Telangana Health Minister #EetalaRajender T-News is telecasting
  8. MODI ji explaining Adam & Eve, How and why he created them and also how he going to create other universe