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  1. Evaru em chesina, State ishmochhinattu capital maarchukovachhaa ledaa anedi telipoddi. Capital maarchukovachhu ante inka ey govt vasthe aa govt istham avuthundhi
  2. Veedu monna 5 states lo ichhina exit polls ki exact opposite vachhayi all 5 states. Anni tappu avvatam oka record
  3. Is Gaddar contesting from KA Pal Party???
  4. It is not about exposing. It is about presenting
  5. Narasaraopeta, Sattenapalli ee 2 seats up for grabs anukunta
  6. Akkada evvaru leru ga. Kodela son meeda DB lone yuddam declare chesaru ga uncle between 2014-19
  7. Good. Guntur dst lo Sattenapalli lo veyisthe poddi
  8. If NTR was alive congress would have got 35 MP seats instead of 22.
  9. I am still not convinces. Jagan is the worst form of Human. Vaadini choosthene kamparam naaku based on his actions in last 3.5 years.
  10. endukante our voters like you feel Jagan is better than Mega family. They get stuck in movie fanism rather than politicial issues Jagan gaadu public ga murder chesina vaadi chemchalu guddi ga mostharu. Ade CBN chesthe manolle distance avutharu, 1000 pages thread run chestharu. Problem is in supporters. why blame party for this
  11. Chiranjeevi padavi addupettukoni corruption chesthe why there are no allegations on his corruption forget proofs? Party tickets ammukunnaru anedi anni parties lo undedee, cash bank and funding teesukoni tickets ivvatam PK speeches tappa action ekkada undi. Ekkada violence chesaru??? Entha sepu Mega family worst ane nee cinema mindset tappa, how is Jagan better ani cheppavendi uncle
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