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  1. TMC 156 BJP 95 Gap more than 60 now. I don't think BJP will touch 100 finally
  2. Few candidates died after polling and during campaign. She can contest in any of the seat bi election even if she loses.
  3. Final ga andaru eenadu number ke vastharu
  4. TMC 143 BJP 93 50 seats gap now.
  5. Yes, that is what i want TMC 175 BJP 110 vasthe nenu happy
  6. Vadi pani vaadu chesadu. Janalaki emaindhi mari???? Let them enjoy. I am sure 2024 kooda Jaggad gelusthadu
  7. TMC 136 BJP 94 Hope this continuessss
  8. 2 Rounds ki less than 5K endi vaa
  9. Ade jarigiddi. Eenadu eppudu correct
  10. I think counting is happening in BJP Candidate strong areas
  11. Still Hindu population is 70%.