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  1. idhi kali kaalam.. veella number pedha gaja donga Modi taaravathe vastadhi.. i dont see that happening anytime soon.. inkaa ghoralu chustham
  2. So true.. a Hyderabad based builder (coastal andhra origin) recently said, their association will fund jagan for next term, as the present hyper inflated value of hyderabad is practically because of jagan winning/ cbn losing in 2019.. evari swardham valladhi antunnadu.. vellu asalu manushe kaadhu.. athmabhimanam isumanthaina ledhu.. kullipoyina viluvali i dont know what will be the end game
  3. This is beyond imagination.. i think its a message that whole India is under Gujjus grip
  4. Veedu oka pedha rajakeeya yodhudu mari.. he is a jaffa.. dont dance for his tunes trap
  5. Exactly right.. also, loss of TDP is loss to AP Political future of AP is also dark.. jagan with fake degrees, pavan 10th pass/fail.. state ni ilanti uneducated leaders chethilo pettataniki ready ina AP people ki no future at all.. it will be a dying old age home with depleting population
  6. IT/ED/CBI alert ga unnai ani thekisi kuda 100c intlo pettukunnadu.. surprising!!
  7. Evaru vellantha.. Bakth ka Chashma batch lanunnaru
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