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  1. Veedi medha raallu kaka poolu vestara.. mandipoyi unnaru common people.. chethilki edhi dorikithe adhi vesirettu unnaru.. manam pisukkovalsina pani ledhu.. time waste.. janalu vadini pattichu kovatledhu
  2. Over hyped pilla pushpam.. bangalore lo heavy rains padi, lakes bad condition valla city munigipothe, veedu chala DLMs chesadu.. gaali motham poyindhi.. konallu Visa reddy gaditho friendship just modi wave anthe
  3. Veella bondha.. edho kapu votes kosam biscuits vestunnadu..
  4. Ycp batch slowed down.. they will not spend anymore
  5. Reheating gravy chicken is ok.. micro waves boil water molecules.. doesnt char meat directly
  6. I feel.. destination weddings either in india/ abroad along with few near and dear makes more sense
  7. Issue is, it always becomes 2x budget.. it becomes emotional spend once you start and money flows like river in good old days special events like wedding are gatherings, blessings and subtle hospitality.. now it is like production of a grand event.. showbizz like a pop star live show in the town.. 1. if you spend on assets like jewellery, the clothes should also carry the ornaments well 2. then event grandness to match up to the people wearing them 3. if going this far.. then content production and food also has to stay outstanding there is no limit to it.. one will be sucked into it
  8. This director has good talent
  9. Karunanidhi and also lalu prasad are nayi brahmins (mangali) karunanidhi’s ancestors hail from nellore area under madras presidency
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