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  1. China nunchi imports unprecedented ga edhuku perigayi just after taking a hard anti stand, at an alarming growth of 45% in just 1yr.. this is like hanging ourselves.. no bloody justification or accountability
  2. Loll.. i will not stop with 2 terms, will be pm for many more terms
  3. Baffas pittal dora kaburlu nammithe matash ye.. Atma Nirbhar/ Anti-China, my foot Imports from China jumped 45% ($45bn) total imports of ~$100bn in 2021.. 2022 will be unimaginable disaster.. inko naalugu apps ban chesukondi..
  4. Malli diversion.. first post lo amount veyaledhu.. ee post lo usual biscuits.. dump exit time ki fed assets +7.6Tn.. addtl assets now up by 1.3Tn
  5. Biden print cheyyaleda anta loll.. oorike oka kerchief esi vadilesadu.. Overall ga $4Trillion print kottadu dump gadu.. direct $3Tn to $7Tn jump iyyindi fed asset.. historic disaster trigger set chesi velladu.. biden or any-other president printed the usual limits
  6. Ento le silly melam.. 8yr high ki vs 40yr high ani edho lollest comparative stat vesi.. diversion
  7. Data unte nee point lame argument correct.. straight question ki answer undadhu.. how much inflation India can afford vs developed countries inflation threshold??? asalu vishayam meda clarity lekunda.. 40yr high 8yr high lanti sodhi post esi, em chepdam anukunnaru.. loll
  8. Hey esesadu.. loll.. enni abhadhalu cover chestaru dump gadu money print chesi panchipetti.. aa burden antha janam medha esi vellupoyadu.. kaani manam matram present admin medha edustam.. oka relevant stat undadhu.. oka fact undadhu.. edupu matram common.. Short term robinhood image kosam, world ni nakichina rich nisani.. same mindset prevails in India 8E1B7218-D245-40DC-8C2C-A166009FADC1.webp
  9. Size of the Economy and per Capita stats pakkana petti cover up?? what each country can afford important.. example India 2020 lone 7.5% undhi accepting dire situation and implementing corrective measures is one way.. diversion tactics is another.. No wonder flower party always chooses diversion.. poye kaalam dapurinchindi
  10. Coal shortage.. diversion of domestic coal to bjp states.. imported coal price steep surge.. shortages across india.. baffa spokesman response epic.. desam kosam dharmam kosam shanth rahiye summer ipothundhi antunnadu
  11. Lemons costing Rs 10 each.. unprecedented
  12. What happened to baffas allegations on gandhi family on so called money laundering of funds through congress official news paper company.. proofs thipparu media lo what happened to Robert Vadra illegal quid-proquo assets.. final ga all tuesday ne..
  13. Shop Opening ki attend iyye Heroines laga.. Pelli ki attend avvataniki NRI Gujju deggara Monogram Modi name printed black suit lancham ga teesukunna Modi inka entha Kusamskaro.. Desa prajalu and corporates deggara corona peru medha thousands of crores personal account ki veyinchukunna scammer.. lolll
  14. Palm Oil prices surged 3.5x since 2020
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