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  1. ee batch antha ippudu Zombie stage ki deggarlo unnaru.. 2024 ki conversion timer set iyyi undhi.. aa taravatha manushulani karisi convert chestaru
  2. Ya.. this is Forest Fee not Toll charges.. basically for litter collection and forest development before it is only on TS side one near Farahabad before forest and one near Dam.. jaffanna vachaka AP side dandha start chesadu (next to river bridge).. not sure what is he doing with this money
  3. BRS cant attack other parties like before as they are a national party now with changed Bharat identity.. Cong/ Bjp contest will only be against BRS and not between them
  4. Veedi Chandramukhi action ento.. nijamgane theda gadu
  5. Vade Bharats vesaruga.. same like Jagan’s Button Nokkudu
  6. Enti idhi serious comment aa.. leka Teasing chesara.. Baffs never disappoint
  7. Corrupt kante.. Neech Kameene.. General politicians contractors deggara or some paravilu chesi sampadistaru.. veellu thana mana bedham lekunda vallaki votes vesina jananne dochukunnaru.. oollo evadanna construction cheyyalane veediki ivvali, own party sympathisers lands lakkovatam, petty work ki kuda chillara lanchalu teesukovatam.. even valla nanna ni kuda manhandle chesevadu anevallu.. endukante, veedi behaviour chusi valla nanna ni approach ithe, aayana helpless ga chethulu ethesevadu na maata vinatledhu ani.. vaadi yedupu ye range lo undedante.. endhuku ee chillara panu
  8. Not enough to meet supply.. 20 years ki saripada office space inventory development lo undhi.. No demand..
  9. Unna dabbu tho enjoy chesaru.. could not convert any big investment into state like kia or a big IT development thats why there is too much supply of office space yet not demand
  10. ND Tiwari AP governor ga unnappudu Sex Scandal bayatapadindhi.. Congress immediately made him resign.. veellemo cheppivi sri ranga neethulu, dooredhi donmari gudesalu.. they have a standard playbook.. if the accused is important for them.. they will protect him at all costs including law.. Ulta, start spreading lies on Victims.. only when things go out of hand, they disown
  11. Consumption slowed down.. imports growing higher than exports.. High Inflation and recession signs.. It will bite for sure
  12. Ycp lo vellagane ilane vaagithe 2024 end ki RRR laga coating ichi vadhilestaru
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