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  1. honnoi .... evve doubts 10th science lo no ,,, inter physics lo no ,,, raise chesi vunthe maro einstein iyye vadivi .. jk
  2. lokesh ni chusina maa pillalu navvuthunadu annadu ... eppudu eedu mudu angulalani chusi janalu navvathunaru ....
  3. yeah .. adhe kadha .. 45 sec video lo emi matladuthunadoo vadike theliyad ....
  4. alanukunte DB lo saggam mandhi india politicis disco discontinue cheyali jii .. including you and me
  5. deni ne xxxxx lekha tuesday antaru ani chepandhi evaru iyyina
  6. cloud brust anthe hr's lo 20-30 MM of rain padali ... ekkada rojulo padayi ...
  7. talking about thuglak .... Is not a mistake or family rift ... looks like a game plan by PK .... Highlighting jagan failures in TG ... indirectly elevating KCR and co.... She is only focusing on Southern Districts of Telangana where Anti towards KCR is more .... Don't even forget even KTR said she can influence 2 districts ...
  8. Revanth realized what he needs to do .... chusaru anthe 2 days nunchi YSR peru ni gettiga using to consolidate Reddy vote bank.... Reddies consolidate ithe Kamma's entho kontha Revanth ke support chestharu under current .... oka vilekhari tho matladithe ee week lo TDP Khammam, Nalgonda and HYD zone to contest . cheyataniki ready avuthunadhi ani cheparu .... so that causes 4 way fight and split votes among TRS , TDP and BJP
  9. okappudu DB lo NBK vs NTR godavalu pettataniki chala active ga work chesi ..... work out avvaka gap echi reentry echaru ...
  10. Looks like he got arms contract from indian army ....
  11. every great kingdom ended in history ... no one is beyond it
  12. INDIA suffered enough, hope for change soon
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