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  1. ranguleesukune vaallaki raajakeeyalu enthuku ani cbn ni kuda direct gaa cheppadu kadhaa....
  2. phone pe or google pay details unte @prakhyat ki share cheyyandi uncle
  3. total ~10.60 lakhs collected and ~5.68 lakhs distributed so far https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QCcIEHvsrvQqgMaIb-CA2FZeiUs9agetvZE-6Z9I3Nw/edit?ts=60958882#gid=692601840&range=A1 manam evarikoo 30k pampithe, mallaa return pampaaru money saripoyaayi ani.....keeka saami inka roughly ~4.9 lakhs undhi fund looo, hard to find leads. if you know anyone, please feel free to post here. we will use the remaining as and when needed. if we are not able to distribute, we will use it for future DB activities, details anni paina spreadsheet loo untaayi. pleas
  4. total 10.38 lakhs collected so far of which 4.87 lakhs distributed for various causes https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QCcIEHvsrvQqgMaIb-CA2FZeiUs9agetvZE-6Z9I3Nw/edit?ts=60958882#gid=692601840&range=A1
  5. total 10 lakhs iyyindhi so far.....india time monday (May 17th) evening kallaa donations close chesthunnaamu inkevarannaa icchevallu unte..... https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QCcIEHvsrvQqgMaIb-CA2FZeiUs9agetvZE-6Z9I3Nw/edit?ts=60958882#gid=0 thanks everyone for your support
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