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  1. Not in support of Govt Emp voting to YCP kani….. They are also part of public ga masteru…. Next general elections ki Urban Voters 60% has to vote for TDP worst case…. Always TDP ki strong voting kabatti & Rural lo min 45% daatali…. Past 3 yrs ruling batti….. Govt Employees YCP ki vesinattu 80-90% veyyakapoyina kanisam 60% veyyali TDP ki….. If not CBN/TDP should give same treatment to these employees…..
  2. Adantha Odarpu Yatra, Paada Yatra lo chupina performance continuation…… CJI daggara act cheyyala same….Athi vinayam, bayam unnattu natinchatam…. Ilanti vallu first study chesede edutivaari weaknesses….. & using that they play around…..
  3. Technical Glitch anta le…. Govt Employees got full clarity and they don’t have any issues on GPF amounts….
  4. Kukka thoka vankara ani vallaki koda ardamayyela cheppadu…… Daniki leni baadha evarikayina endhuku…. To all other people…..
  5. Asalu Doubt ye avasaram ledu…. Next term inka peaks untaayi schemes….
  6. Evadanna Ja ki support ga matladithe migatha employees kodathaaru ane stage ki ravali….. Ra Ja, Ka Ja….
  7. Chiru ithe okati, Pawala ithe okata? Vallantha ade batch….. Daylight lo ranku bonku…… Tea ammukuntu enni chesi untadu yevvaralu…..
  8. June 2023 enti? Apudeppuduo Lokesh padayatra annaru, idi koda anthena?…. Of course Jaffa will not allow that…. Project that in public by starting/initiating it…. Fight chesi ayina TDP ni gelipinchukontam ane strong feeling AP janalaki undali…. Lekapothe YCP-BJP + JSP counter cheyyatam antha easy kadu….
  9. last time bhayapadi jump kottadu elections mundu….. CBN support chesthaanu anna koda…. Endhuku ilanti vallu…..
  10. Does YCP as a party & DIDI opposition same in WB? Who were in power during the elections? Jaffa is altogether a different beast & CBN/TDP is not same as DIDI who was willing to go any extent to win elections…. DIDI hired PK, can TDP/CBN do that? TDP supporters might fight at some places, can they fight in all the constituencies by all means; How far they can go against police, rowdies combined?
  11. Some might want to show displeasure about the current govt…. As there is no other prominent party that vote might have gone their along with JSP supporters…..
  12. 2 r 3 phases schedule vasthe gone case AP…. YCP de govt…. Delhi, Chattisgarh, etc, etc,….. I dont know much about their local politics…. But Jaffa Kuppam/Tirupathi lo Chopinchindi very small sample….. Ayyagari peaks ni SSR/Boya/Neel/RGV koda chupinchaleremo movies lo….. Edo white saada tella shirt, aamakayapu natana chusi chaala mandiki wrong picture undi….. just bjp support chesthundi kabatti work avuthundani anukovatam brama maathrame…..
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