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  2. u have a problem with question? like jagan reddy?
  3. CAG vaadini court ki eedavadam tappinchi maro daari ledu
  4. Nenu CAG vaadini RTI vesi ee month ki source of debt evvamani adigite vaadu asalu evvadu Just edo public debt 3,000 crore ki lekkalu estadu Rama rama ... ee arachakaniki antam leda ... .......
  5. Indulo real debt - 7K core vuntadi. migata 13K crore last yaer nundi move chesinde vuntadi alage may, june, july ., aug, sep varaku atleast oka 100 to 120 K crore last year debt move chestadu Year end ki velleppatiki last 3 months lo edi anta teesi padestadu Just 55K crore debt antadu
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  7. Who said it's new ? Who asked u to read and question ? Lol
  8. Rajanna Rajyam lo…. Anthe Anthe…….
  9. i dont know that you are teddy.. you are declaring something that is already known.. what is new then?
  10. So who is pitchi teddy here u or vasantha ?
  11. Yes we r Reddy's and have an agenda on kammas , so what
  12. Actual reason: aada ki pothey manchi coffee ayina istaremo ani velli vuntaru.
  13. you can see which list of countries we are kept!
  14. you have any proof on umas misdeeds or just crying on kammas like ycp?
  15. Uma minguthunte aa opposition lo unnaaa ee muxxxalunem peekayanata, velli expose cheyochuga ayina ikkada matter mingatam gurinchi kadhu, chesthunna edava panulani expose cheyadaniki velthunte dadi cheyatam and malli eeyana medane eduru case lu petti lopala veyadam ee so called better candidate rajadhani maristhe resign chestha annadu kada dani meda oka statement ippinchandi chethayithe, cheyalsina panulu chesthu pakkana enni lathkor panulu chesina acceptable to some extent he is one time wonder in the constituency and will definitely face the music
  16. Yesterday
  17. Poratam cheyyali.. yuddham cheyyali.. bayata corona undi.. ayina kooda bane fight chestunaru.. intlo kurchuni posts veyyadam chala easy ga.. ento..
  18. fear psychosis is at work... achanna is quiet after arrest and torture...
  19. LONDON, July 27 (Reuters) - Saudi Arabia will impose a three-year travel ban on citizens travelling to countries on the kingdom's 'red list' under efforts to curb the spread of coronavirus and its new variants, state news agency SPA said on Tuesday. It cited an unnamed interior ministry official as saying some Saudi citizens, who in May were allowed to travel abroad without prior permission from authorities for the first time since March 2020, had violated travel regulations. "Anyone who is proven to be involved will be subject to legal accountability and heavy penalties upon their r
  20. Endhuku vaadhana cheppu. Okasari ooo anu, vasantha better than Uma. Alane Jagga better than CBN. Manam just ooo anadame.
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