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  2. It is official only.. Here is twitter id
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  4. Adigaanu bro. Chooddaaam yemi reply isthaadu.
  5. Speaker ? From ccdb ? Ayyanni adugu ayaniki kuda fwd ayyi vacchindemo
  6. TDP form ani circulate avuthondi bro... I got it from one more DB. Genuine ye vuntundi lendi... the guy who shared is a hardcore fan. Hence, 99% genuine ye vundochu.
  7. Bro...Adi tdp form eena? YCP valla database loki entry padudda manam fill cheyagane?
  8. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdpr2f6EjS1l5eWhArB9Fwn8eYK5YmbOX78Rue71Pw8wUTcUQ/viewform
  9. When Megays are kicked by Jaffa in the Butt….. they come to NBK ?
  10. vaadu avasaramu ledhu...... vennu emuka ( business) visristhe chaalu..... give that task to nallari kishore reddy... he will take care... CBN should dispose heritage and take revenge on every fucker.... he should go on in destruction mode..... 5 yrs malli etu janam odisthaaru..... oka saari narakam ante choopisthe.... baguntundhi...
  11. Ramesh hospitals billulaki naaa godavalu chesaaru...... 550 crores ki no sound...... fully fcuked up AP people mindset...... CBN Vs Decoit, pathivratha vs lamsa expectations...
  12. Central govt taxes increased multiple folds (compare pre 2014 vs current). even state govt taxes are increased as a response to central tax increments. states and center will point fingers at each other. BJP claims majority of states are ruled by their party. But they don’t decrease state tax in the BJP ruled states. only solution is —> either a congress led state or some regional party led state to slash out their petrol tax six months before election and dare BJP to do the same!
  13. What is the component of taxes in petrol diesel price? Our prices are the highest in the world.
  14. central government hiked cess on petrol, diesel. desam kosam dharmam kosam state government hiked vat and imposed road development cess on petrol, diesel. navarathnaalu kosam. people knows that inflation increased due to diesel, petrol prices. they know that it is useless to participate in street protests . they can show their anger only through vote.
  15. Thanks for information.. Now crude oil price low when compared to upa time..still why this much hike in petrol deasel.. I have seen few families..who lost their income due to deasel price ..
  16. gulf countries ki dussera gurinchi teliyadhu gaa. vaallu crude oil rates penchaaru. imported crude oil rates base chesukuni automatic gaa india lo petrol, diesel rates perigaayi.
  17. Liter 200 chestaaraaa ? Then pushpis will say it’s Modi’s master stroke to reduce pollution!
  18. Goppa vallu. Inka manam thirigey vahanalu, panimutlani devathaluga bhavinchi Pooja chestharu. Hats off sir
  19. global prices tagginappudu taxlu penchi perugitunnappudu dani tagginchaka povadam valla
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