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  1. I thought he is already in TRS. Didn’t knew he was a baffa till now Assalu evaru ye party lo untunnaaro kooda telavadam ledhu
  2. Just oka naatu Goddeli tho ..oka old age person ni veseyadaani ki.. 8 crores supaari yaa? Kadapa chala develop ayipoyindannaa ( Kota gif from Athadu)
  3. U r being naive if u believe YCP created the rift between BjP and TDP. infact, it was BJP who wanted TDP to leave from their camp..in a long term goal of grabbing power in AP. Jaglak is a pawn in their game. As long he is in power , Baffs can cry foul, bring religious angle and try to mobilize majority religion to their side. In AP ppl are more divided on caste lines, so they also kept Pk on their payroll. its highly unlikely that BJP will stop its backend support for YCP in the immediate future.The only time it might lean towards TDP is when Best actor’s image goes to D
  4. Prasanna kumar reddy, mohan babu..same category. NbK ni poguduthu.. TDP ni badnam chesthaaru. strategic Sannasulu
  5. One thing CBN has to change in his approach is ..not to hold these long , out of work hour meetings. even workaholics can’t put up with such schedule. also, he should diversify the responsibilities to smaller groups, so that they feel the CMO’s constant pressure. Working hard is a virtue ..but playing smart makes everyone happy.
  6. Vaadu power lo untene kadaa.. conversions avuthunnaayi ani gola chesthu..religion based meeda voted polarize cheyyagaligedhi.
  7. Aravind kumar goud..would have been a better choice. money, BC background, aggressive speaker.
  8. Sodara.. abroad lo unnavaallam..opinion share chesukovadam.. entho kontha influence cheyadam tappa emi cheyyalemu. system meelanti loclas meedha..moreover govt employees meede depend ayi undi. citizen charter follow ayyi.. set time lo..anni works chesi..corruption lekunda chesi ..system ni overhaul cheyyalsindi employees ye. you cant escape or evade this responsibility.
  9. Ee mahanubhaavudu intakamudu tana profile lo..kaaboye MLA ani pettukune vaadu. Boothu Kodali ki alternative gaa manchi bhavishath undi
  10. Ivannee maaku anavasaram. Fan kinda koorchuni..killi namuluthu.. attendant teche tea taaguthu.. public ni lancham kosam peedisthu..almost 12 PM ki office vache..ee amulyamaina job saadhinvha leka.. abroad lo coolie gaa unnaaru meerantha. U dont deserve to say ur opinion
  11. ekavachanam ki digadam..abusive gaa maatlaadatam chala easy. u have showed ur typical lowest behavior of a jagananna sainayam . Ur frustration is in the same lines of boothu minister kodali. lancham marigina manishi ki..sensitivities ekkaduntaayile. btw, kuli chesukovadam honorable profession ye. Avasarm lo unnavaadini lancham kosam peedinche jalaga kanna chala melu.
  12. YSJ..tanu teesukune 1 rupee salary kooda tax kadathaadu. does that mean he is contributing to the society? govt employees work ethic is utter low. Any further perks to this group will be scorned by public. btw, foreign remittances are not taxed cause .,taxes are already collected in the country of origination. however, these remittances help india’s forex reserves and help the nation do international business such as important oil etc. NRIs contribute to their resident country and India in a great way. dont even compare NRIs with lousy jagan gaari employees
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