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  1. BJP and YCP are hand in glove..it’s established many times. only fools believe otherwise. Of course, AP Pushpees conveniently skip this topic
  2. We can easily see the temperament of his posts and understand his ideology. Same as Jagan, Kodali nani.
  3. Mari..nupur ni debate lo rechaGottina Turushkudu kooda apologies cheppala vadhaa? judgement nachaledhu
  4. Prices affordable gaa levu..ani baadha express chesthunte, pushpees maatram vekili gaa navvuthunnaaru. Go muthram tho paatu..gobbemma lu kooda tintunnaremo bahusaa?
  5. Exemplary punishment ivvaali. No mercy !
  6. Ante.. Muslims tho maatlaadePpudu aachi toochi maatlaadaalaa sodaraa? Hinduvula tho maatram yela ayina maata thulochaa? One country, one constitution. I can only imagine what they could have done to Nupur if she was accessible to these medieval fellows.
  7. Sab kuch Adharm ke liye
  8. Great transformation ATB Lokesh!
  9. Trying to be someone else, that isn’t you, will make you look like a clown
  10. This is true. Amaravathi gurinchi entha thakkuva maatlaadithe antha manchidi. farmers who gave land already knew CBN will develop the city..so they will vote. it’s unnecessary to talk about it repeatedly and loose landless ppl’s votes in that region.
  11. AP ki Appu enthaina isthaadu Sannasi. AP public will be taxed more for those loans. Grants maatram ivvadu. ayina sare..paadha pooja ki sidham..banisa baffas
  12. Is he also not ashamed for promising scs, bigger capitol than delhi , railway zone at the feet of Lord Venkanna and never spoke about those promises after getting elected? either he is a fake hindu or his supporters are.
  13. Abbey! Alaanti vi adigithe.. imbecile fake hindu pushpees ki kopam vasthundi. banisa bahthukulu !
  14. Yedhagadaani ki haddu untundemo…Didajaarudi ki haddulu levu. Sab kuch..Adharm keliye, Adani keliye!
  15. Ee question ki answer ledhu pushpees nunchi. CBN ivvodanna danta.. mee fake bathukulu tagaletta
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