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  1. Seems someone knows that he has whooping amount in his account
  2. Phone banking ki call chesi phone poindani chepte temporary ga block chestaru within few mins .. he might thought real police and dint think in that way…sad incident
  3. Sad..but why he dint block the bank accounts once they took his phone
  4. Uff…akkadaku velli mari jail lo padala .. what’s the punishment for this crime?
  5. Simple..change the existing ycp volunteers with TDP volunteers….govt jobs em kaduga
  6. Arey hooo..seems they still want to follow appeasement politics
  7. What the heck…just miss…thanks to lorry guy
  8. Pretty avg…konni action episodes bagunnay
  9. CBN should convince him before giving it to JSP
  10. Appatlo anukune vadni eyana Dham tarvata inkenduku movies teeyaleda ani…manchi pani chesadu tarvata inka teeyakunda ani ippudu ardamaindi
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