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  1. here not kust mutual transfers... They are breaking the covid rules with the support of KCR... if KCR is there in TS we can see such things even after 10 years...
  2. malli inko maha metha avuthadu... malli oooroora vigrahalu... modata janam chetilo vodipovaali...
  3. Cbi case withdraw chesukomani RRR pi othhillu...
  4. అమెరికాలో వాక్సిన్ వేయించుకుంటే లాటరీ .... ఇండియాలో వాక్సిన్ దొరికితే అదే లాటరీ ....
  5. agreed... But Modi has so many followers.... i mean local leaders should take care these things...
  6. This is too much what Modi can do in this issue?
  7. light... he slammed one week back in Twitter after praising Modi steps in second wave... Now he changed his voice.... no one can believe....
  8. They irritated him with fake calls and messages... without losing control he attacked Bijjala and others.... As per today Rachhabanda, he will file case against Bijjala in High Court with Social Media proofs.... For YSRCP SM, he is more than TDP now....