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  1. Cool, then why they need to increase prince by 500/- on usage of cylinders above 3? Thats not right if they are not giving any subsidy on cost.
  2. LPG actual cost > what is being charge now. Are you sure? I am in impression logic you said is correct earlier.But now they are charging actual amount to consumer and govt.is crediting subsidy directly to consumer account. Am I wrong? May be!
  3. There is difference between reducing subsidy and increasing prices to increase tax collection. Sad part is educated is not able to differentiate.
  4. Ippudu antha istunnaru subsidy? Not even rs 50/-, 50/- ivvakunda vunda daaniki 500/- increase chestara!!
  5. I agree, they are injecting differences in society slowly in all areas.
  6. E type analysis ni nammite, PK last elections mundu jariginadaani nunchi ami nerchukoledu ani ardam chesukovachu
  7. Maa rajadhaani vikaasalo plan chestunnamu, plans ayyaka mimmalni aproach avatamu ani cheppalsindi gongura aunty
  8. Oka annam samaptam, next alanti steps plan chestharo!
  9. My relative did not got it from last 3 months
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