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  1. A nimushaniki ami jaruguno avaruhinchedaru!!!
  2. dividing by months, days n all will not workout in real, mentality will be they got 10,000/-. How many people they are working, will help by giving 10K even if there is some marriage at their home? Its all not just per day per month calculations. Until they understand there is bigger loss than this, they feel it is good. It will be long gone with destruction by the time they feel pain.
  3. Batting: Bowling: Feilding: Manchi kalaaposhakudu bhayya!!
  4. A1 ani jagga ni antunnadaa, e case lo A1 anaa!!ðŸĪŠ
  5. Alakalu korikesinaayi, memeti settam!! (satti babu style lo)
  6. Reddy saab Ganga born in somewhere in maharashtra ante bagundu bench mundu
  7. chudagaane srutilo kalipesaremo anukunna, its actually on site 😄
  8. papam flower daddos ki cbh m n TDP m taluchukokunda roju gadavaduga
  9. They only have differences due to property sharing. Banam wants her share only she did not intend to harm or go against jagga in long term. She tried to black mail by starting party in TN (note she did not start it in AP) thinking he will come back to her about shares as people/opposition will start saying he ditched own sister and mother. But he did not care. Lucky for her congress offered to join them and do politics in AP, she dragged this and jagga somehow came down to meditate about property sharing. Once She reach her goal, you will see dusra, teesra to opposition.
  10. cloud man, link man and chitikela man
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