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  1. Surprisingly class audience kuda kaavalani single screens ki preference isthunnaru chaala areas lo to enjoy the mass euphoria
  2. It’s Akhanda mania everywhere
  3. Several shows are being added in both the states from evening 4pm shows Today’s releases nunchi shifting from last half hour
  4. Bro! Neelo oka Boya and oka Prashant Neel kanipistunnadu
  5. Mother song of Akhanda is well deserved for applauding
  6. I am personally moved with the Akhanda characterisation irrespective of Balayya
  7. General audience are talking about Akhanda role and their lifestyle Movie lo Akhanda character ki general audience baaga connected
  8. let’s see Monday will give indication
  9. I thought it would touch 20 cr by end of the run in Nizam
  10. Today 2 and tomorrow 2.5 vastundhi aemo easy ga
  11. Best review brother and we all felt same feelings
  12. Akhanda character is creating vibrations in the public and pulling them to theatres Not even hardcore fans can’t reach out with this character depth
  13. Oka rumour spreading in the state They may jump to Cuba or somewhere else where INDIAN jurisdiction can’t bring them back here
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