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  1. Chi chi xxxxx jeevitham Poddune ee daridram emiti maaku
  2. Janaalu okasaari mosa potharu bro not every time Now people realising their mistake and feeling that they were cheated and trapped
  3. While I don’t deny your view, there will be no problem to government if they continue the prevailing practice that is existing for decades
  4. Interest amount already IT returns submitting apudu automatic ga showing bro from this year And you can get the interest statement from your net banking account
  5. thappu yemiti extension chesthe!!?? One month Extension anedhi decades nunchi undhi. Why can’t this Govt continue the age old people friendly practice?? This is nothing but dictatorship bro
  6. Paapam raithulu yevvarini aemi analani paristhithi Ninda munigi poyaru state kosam lands echi
  7. The criticism faced by Lokesh is never before annatlu His strong fighting spirits and mingling with the cadre is truly exceptional He is winning hearts of public now a days. Opposition loki raava tam Lokesh ki space dorikindhi In any way, Lokesh is fare better than jailgun
  8. 2024 lo AP lo power loki vasthe TS lo gattiga raise avvachu
  9. More than KCR TS people should remember and accolade CBN
  10. When patch up work is not taken up immediately after road starts damaging, the damage happens too fast. Maintenance of roads is very important at any case.
  11. What is party high command doing to overcome this challenge!!?? Its going to be crucial for the upcoming elections
  12. Slowly law and order is slipping out in many states Some sort of controlling should start asap
  13. Jagan mondi dhairyam yemito artham kaadu assalu
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