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  1. Paper ballots No mail in ballots Voter Id
  2. More than 1M watching live across US you tube channels
  3. Irrespective of what he said democrats is a bull sh** party One party in the world day in day out only politics adi tappithe em pattadhu vallaki
  4. Once Trump start speaking to Republican voters, people will ride again with him
  5. DeSantis is no match to Trump. Republican party motham unanimous ga DeSantis ki support chesina. Trump still have more positive vote or feel in Republican voters. Until Trump lives he will be head of GOP. Trump emanna other candidate ki unanimous support chesthe president candidate ki chance untadi.
  6. Recession eppudu start oh kanukondi mundala
  7. Senate ni kapadukovataniki kuda mukkuthunanru ga
  8. TRS leads by ~ 9,000 votes after 13th round
  9. All the candidates left polling station except TRS
  10. Enduku Nenu eppudo cheppa 2023 trs gelustadi election lo 2024 after general elections bjp govt form chestadi
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