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  1. Idedo buss laundi. BJP third place ante
  2. It's clear ga. We'll attack any country. All close and sit
  3. But one thing to note is there is no flight activity at all in China. All scanners show the same. They might be planning to attack Taiwan I guess if xijinping case is false
  4. However this , https://twitter.com/ihaveaview/status/1573851502682460160?s=46&t=c-khi2rslhkdoHL2nQmLRA
  5. always agree . idi the best
  6. tittalsindi ledu. comparison anavasaram. pillani ichina mama party aythe silent undala endi hahaha pillani ichina mama ani kuda chudaledu ikada asale appatlo Anyways jagan gadu gattiga kelukkuntunnadu though its only to divert CAG report.
  7. thu. tweet eyyakapovadame manchidi. only cults ki tappa. neutrals/tdp cadre lo elagu negative eh ayndi monna cbn wife abuse matter lo based e dantho inkasta nonsense added. aa piece gaditho compare chesekanna calm ga undunte bagundedi
  8. legacy emundi. this is legacy. going against anyone who is not right
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