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  1. Hahaha....launch apudu chostene arthamavtundi..paina dippa edo bomma train la... Idedo maruti cars concept la undi...low weight producing high speed and mileage...!! But y is this happening in guj route only always....idi aunty-nationals kutra la undi
  2. Bjp win with more majority than last elachan.... Modi....we r no.1
  3. Nice....teachers rendu chetul cut chestadanamata jalaganna.... Rendu legs tho dekkuntu vachi aina anna ke vote antaru teachers...!!
  4. Nuv happy ga akhilesh...me hyd ekadiko velidi .....!!
  5. Atleast seema leaders press meet petti idi highlight cheskovachu ga doods....
  6. Maree saaachi abn tv5 la one side lokam lo undalen ya,,,like u.... So vastadi...
  7. Highcourt will be in amaravathi ani supreme court lo chepina jalaga anna
  8. [BREAKING] Supreme Court seeks Centre's response in plea by the AP government challenging the judgment of the high court declaring Amaravati as the only capital of the state in a bid to revive its plan to have three capitals.
  9. “Direction 5 is completely unacceptable, that you develop the capital city in six months. What do you mean by the capital city? Direction 3-7 stayed till the next date of hearing,” said the bench while hearing the petition. The bench while hearing the matter on Monday said, “Courts cannot become a town planner.” Justice Nagarathna asked: “What kind of directions have the high court passed. Can the court be a town planner? The court wants the planning to be done in two months.” The apex court also found the directions issued by the high court to have overstepped the “separati
  10. Rest emo kani...aa time bound order aithe high court comedy chesindi ane cheppali...!! 6mnths lo katteyandi ani how ya u gave order.....edo real estate devoloper la....idi knchm overstepping by hc..seems sc stayed these points..!!
  11. Y no ted...? Points 3-7 stayed...till next hearing...!! Sc ask high court....r u town planner? Wat do u mean by saying construct capital city in 6 mnths..?
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