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Finally they Succeeded

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Just now, Royal Nandamuri said:

1 year of extreme mental stress and public humiliation. Ide better emo papam ayanaki. Feel sorry for his family though. Aa family pandaga chesukune roju okati twaralo ravalani 🙏

ilantivi vaddu ane Kodela suicide choose chesukunnademo.

Oka award winning doctor. 

2 days back paper lo choosa, araku area hospital lo work force ledhu ani. Unna vallani ila lepestharu. 

Choodali inka entha kalamooo ee kali prabhavam.

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as a community we failed to save you doctor garu ..sorry for the humiliation you had been  for the past 1 year for just asking a mask  ..om shanthi

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1 hour ago, Uravakonda said:

Darunam idhi. Really sorry to hear this. 

Real gunde potu na leka, babai lanti death aa?

may be corona.. anyway mental torture he faced  is all covered up

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