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  1. Analyzing Election Results and how to dismiss West Bengal state government to bring President rule
  2. Modi, Amit Shah and their ministers & leaders were very busy with Elections...they intentionally chose Elections as higher priority and caused covid deaths
  3. Honestly Modi and Amit Shah should resign. They have taken Elections as qst importance and caused the Covid spread. They didn't care to address the medical and covid treatment needs rather they were busy for days together with elections
  4. True, if true...great. but after this chaiwala gimmicks...its tough to believe anyone from bjp.
  5. fake gallu (baffas) started fake stories
  6. Yemannadu, yevaraina kasta dubbing plz
  7. Good job Lokesh for the fight on a public problem
  8. COVID deaths kuda Jagan is using for scams ...next level of corruption
  9. vidiki intha ego yento ...students and their parents safety kosam Jagan Reddy should postpone or cancel exams
  10. Sakshi and so many other supporting media will brainwash arrest as the best act and Narendra as most corrupt and etc. Sympathy rakunda anni rakala jagrathalu teesukone vuntaru
  11. Wish you a happy birthday and many successes CBN!!!