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  1. 4 more tickets with family n 2 kids from my end for today. Going to buy tickets in counter this afternoon
  2. Thitteppudu mathram specific ga and targeted ga chestaru criticism...then condemn chesinappudu why generic comments. Very mean n biased person.
  3. Chandrababu Assembly vadili velladam not right antunna idly sambar chutney Somu garu. Did he condemn the comments on CBN's wife ?
  4. Transparency is neither in State Govt nor in Central Govt. To begin with there is no democracy at all in India. Democracy is where there is transparency in governance and freedom of speech for everyone. If anybody voices out or protests against State Govt or Central Govt ...he/she will either be stamped as anti-national or picturized as mentally imbalanced and be killed (Ex: Doctor Sudhakar).
  5. Could be. Veellu baga smart fellows...chese dourjanyalu, akramalu, gundaism mathram chestune vuntaru. Bathakanerchina vallu.
  6. God only can save people. Problem is neither MoSha running central govt nor Jagan Reddy are concerned about people lives....they just want to be in power for which they kill anyone. They are psychos not kind hearted to feel responsible and accountable
  7. Fasting chesadu a few years ago...madhyalo 2 hours break teeskoni Chicken Biryani mingi vachadu Jagan Reddy ...he loves non-veg
  8. Social Media lo donga votes paina Nageswar is not analyzing and condemning ani expose cheyyali.
  9. Cycling ...vote voka padi voorlalo or padi booths lo vestaru. Same thing was done in KPHB also when Suhasini garu contested. This is what they are planning to do for 2024 also.
  10. Phases lo vuntay elections. 1). Vere districts nunchi vachi vestaru 2). TG, TN, OR and KA nunchi vachi vestaru
  11. Sajjala phone call video vunte veyyandi ikkada plzz..few weeks back Sajjala phone chesthe Media munde matladaru kadaa ee udyoga samgha nethalu.
  12. Police and Government meeda case veyyali to get the traction.
  13. last 10 years kuda chudani rains paddayi ani chepparlo relatives in Ananthapur district
  14. Good initiative to promote Gandikota tourism. Kadapa district people should be proud of this and appreciate the efforts by CBN
  15. Somebody please take this up to Leadership and Lokesh. akkada yevaro nashta pariharam andaka pellillu aagipoyayi ani antunnaru yekamga
  16. @Ispate Raju IT saturated ani meeku telusu. So, creating a new industry hub altogether by CBN. IT lekapothe yenti...I can show many more opportunities in many other industries ani MedTech from scratch start chesadu CBN...and here it is right now with many companies
  17. Superb......These will reduce the further pollution. one more step towards Green Amaravathi....Green Andhra Pradesh
  18. Good to hear Brother. Again kudos to CBN & NRT
  19. Wow!!! very very impressive. Clearing so much trash and recycling is really wonderful for the Environment and hence the people. 8 acres of land was given back to VMC where the trash used to be dumped in. Mind blowing I think this is the BEST thread of all the threads. Good initiatives by TDP government....much appreciated
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