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  1. 2029 implementation. Will parties morally accept and give 33% seats without the bill in force for upcoming elections? Dora already MLA candidates announce chesadu ga. Entha mandi unnaro
  2. Case open chesindi kuda Ajay Reddy statement tho ne anukunta
  3. xxxxxx gaallu. Nidra kuda lekunda chesi tipputunnaru ga. Ee overaction chese prathi officer gaadi properties seize chesi dismiss cheyyali
  4. CJI: We clarify that the writ petition before the HC before will not be influenced by the observations in this judgment. Luthra: if the matter can go before another judge CJI: No that is not needed.. CJI: We order that CBI to wrap up the investigation by end of June #SupremeCourtofIndia
  5. CJI: The HC has directed that the first respondent shall attend the CBI office between april 19 to april 25 and that question answer shall be in written form and that questionnaire shall be handed over to accused. order of this nature will stultify investigation. HC cannot order investigation of a suspect should be in written form and completely inappropriate for HC to order this questionnaire to be given to first respondent. such orders prejudice the investigation especially when CBI is ascertaining the role of several accused. thus directions of HC was unwarranted. thus HC order is set aside.
  6. CJI: The finding of HC at this stage was premature particularly in context of what was stated by CBI on affidavit. we are of the VIEW that HC HAS MISAPPLIED ITSELF AND PASSED AN EXTRAORDINARY ORDER in terms of directions issued. #SupremeCourtofIndia
  7. Repu HC order istundi lez don't arrest and we will not give judgement because matter is pending in SC ani
  8. Idi chaala important meeting. CBI will have to wait. Rojuki oka karyakartha tho kaluvu ra howle
  9. Podduna 3 ki phone chesinchepte, sayantram 4 ki pulivendula reach ayyara prakash raj and saritha 😎
  10. Ivan I chadavataniki baagunnai..2 years nundi court hearing undi..bokkalo vestara Leda aa cock knife batch ni?
  11. Gokarna and Murudeshwar....beach lo temples untaay....and they also make sure dress code for the temple area...lekapothe janalu beach dresses lo tirige vallu
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