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  1. Yeah...plus additional quality certifications....we will deliver the best quality A1 meat
  2. We want qualified butchers ....atleast degree holders ayithe bagundu. Prathi 500 people ki oka shop pettukunna oka 1 lakh kotha jobs vachestayi maaku
  3. Exactly...vaallu inka challutune unnaru
  4. he got money from some source? disburse chestunnadu, jaganana Nethanna Nestham
  5. That's not right....many were awarded when they were alive. First posthumous recipient was Lal Bahadur Sastri ji I think. nehru Indira etc awarded to themselves when they were in power. sachin was the first sportsman and probably youngest to receive it
  6. Ivan I chadavataniki baagunnai..2 years nundi court hearing undi..bokkalo vestara Leda aa cock knife batch ni?
  7. Gokarna and Murudeshwar....beach lo temples untaay....and they also make sure dress code for the temple area...lekapothe janalu beach dresses lo tirige vallu
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