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  1. You know how this works bro. You order a cup of tea during your journey, they serve you the tea first and then follows the bill. You cannot make an informed decision before ordering the tea. No where in the clarification they’ve mentioned that the passenger was informed beforehand about that service charge.
  2. Idena educate cheyyatam ante !!? no matter how much whatsapp university educates you it still doesn’t change the fact railway is looting 70 Rs from the passenger for a cup of tea worth Rs 20/- According to railway officials, no extra money was charged from the customer. A circular issued back in 2018 by Indian Railways specifies that, when a passenger does not book a meal while making a reservation in trains like Rajdhani or Shatabdi, then a service charge of Rs 50 has to be paid for ordering tea, coffee or food during the journey. Even if it is just a cup of tea.
  3. Post ki 5 Rs istara ani adigaka kooda vadiki doubt raledu papam
  4. Vadu sense of humour ki commonsense ki teda eppudu telusukuntado Aa serious tone tho sense of humour antunte
  5. In this new age and times our people are still freaking dumb to vote for a party just because they renamed a district to the person of a caste/region/community.
  6. ekadekkadinuncho vachina recommendation lu kadani AP ki vastunnarante ikkada leaders+bureaucrats entha followup chesi untundo oohinchukovachu.
  7. Adhurs rocking in Vijayawada

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