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  1. 2009 lo JP genuine candidate ani anukunna, elago gelavadu kabatti Loksatta badulu TDP ki vesa, andarikanna pedda loafer ani prove chesukunnadu. CBN time lo padhakalu isthe evari jebulo dabbulu pedutunnadu antadu, YCP lo avineeti topic vachinappudu anni parties chestunnayi antadu.
  2. Duty lu chesukoka ivem panulu sami
  3. Touchwood , valladaka vaste kani ardam avvadu victim families heartburn. Amirkhan appatlo India safe ga anipinchatledu desam vadili povalani wife antundi annanduku kopam vachindi now I totally understand his perception.
  4. Prime Minister okka maata kooda matladaledu ee incident meeda antene ardam avutundi bro idanta athani direction lone jarugutundani.state/central ministers violence instigate chesela matladutunna evaru appataniki try cheyyatledu, this clearly shows the state of Mind of the Prime Minister and his stooges. vayasu perigekoddi vadilo manavatvam matram taggipotundi.
  5. Avathalodini downplay chesesthe saripodu, isn’t it true the minister has threatened the farmers before this incident ? video lo clear ga undi car guddina vallu naduchukuntu veltunnaru they didn’t even expect something like this, if the farmers were hitting with sticks they should be facing the vehicle not walking on its way. Harikadhalu evaru cheptunnaro telustane undi. Mana Prime minister cheppevatini antaru Harikadhalani.
  6. Intha serious discussion lo kooda lol use cheyyatam meeke chellindi. Based on the back story I strongly believe that the minister’s son is guilty
  7. Ee Gayatri account recent ga chala teda ga behave chestundi. Eeme monna lokesh ni Gannavaram lo arrest chesina roju akkadiki vellindi support ga . Not sure if she’s holding any official position with in the party .
  8. Picha light, 1000 katti warrant recall petetion vestaru. Court aagraham ante navvostandi eemadya. Pala pongu lantidi court aagraham neellu challithe chalu
  9. This is much needed from TDP. CBN insecurity ni vadili solo fight ane idea ki alavatu padithe better. 0 seats unna Janasena ki unna confidence TDP leadership ki lekapovatam duradrustam. Vallemo sikhandi laga bandalu estaru TDP meeda , ivatala astra sanyasam chesi debbalu tintam
  10. Not just that, he has always encouraged his fans to attack and abuse(physically and verbally) anyone and everyone who questions him on all platforms. He even made no exception to his former wife Renu Desai , What kind of a leader keeps quiet when his fans are abusing a woman that too the mother of his children in public forums. He could’ve stopped that nuisance if he wanted to but chose not to. He is someone who preaches but never follows the same.
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