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  1. Remand extension almost confirmed ani case lawyer cheptunnadu TV5 lo, Don't think anything is going to happen today.
  2. Eerraju maya oka vaipu manchu akkayya inkovaipu.Fire and ice …… Sooper combination set chesaru ga pushpams
  3. Ila mass vote removal applicants meeda case lu pettochu kada?
  4. Nijanga dandam pettali,harassment ki longakunda moreover 25C is like a lifetime earning even for people in higher positions. Danni reject cheyyatame kakunda facts open ga pressmeet lo present chestunnadu ante chala rare these days.
  5. I strongly feel Brahmini should appear more in public meetings and not limit herself to running a businesses from behind the scene like bhuvaneswari garu . She should build her image and make her face known to common people, it is better for the party prospects and over a period of time she can influence a few sections of people atleast.
  6. One thing I liked about this speech today is PK putting a reality check to his fans about CM post and not daydream. I guess TDP leadership also gives the same reality check to our cadre who just say go alone we will win without any support. Few people seem to be daydreaming about TDP magically winning the elections singlehandedly.
  7. I think TDP should start challenging Jagan repeatedly on various forums with "Bring it On" for a 1:1 debate Vaadu elago raadu, by mistake ego ki poyyi vasthe appadam avutadu lokesh chetilo.
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