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  1. 19 children and 2 adults. Terrible news. They were just about to leave for their summer break. Om shanti.
  2. Narayana didn't create the system. He is only one of many players and it's not his fault that he is the most successful player. I too don't agree with the harassment that children are subjected to in the name of coaching, affecting their childhood. But let's look at it in another way. One lower middle class kid suffering for 4-5 years gets into IIT. His, his children's, and his whole family's fortunes are changed forever. I would say that it's not a bad tradeoff. And 90% of the others who did not get into IIT would still get into some other good college.
  3. In both Ap and TG, a significant percentage of people below 50 years irrespective of party loyalty would have studied in Narayana institutions and benefited greatly. It's time for these people both inside India as well as outside to take a stand. Let them come out and protest. The party cannot do everything, while the people sit inside and enjoy.
  4. We are perhaps the only society where the perpetrator gets more sympathy and protection than the victim. It is true both at a larger level, where Hindus are seen as "oppressors' despite the centuries of genocide they suffered, as well as at an individual level, which we are seeing now. Poor Harsha is being called a criminal, his own people are being accused of his murder, and ultimately Hindus are being called as "parasites" for merely asking for justice. This, is the greater tragedy.
  5. It is extremely unfortunate that you are spreading untruths and outright lies to cover up a murder just to prove your point. Here is what she said "I don't know if we will get justice or not. Our brothers (other Hindu activists) know how to get justice for murder. My brother is dead for Hindus and Shri Ram. "My younger brother died because he used to say Jai Shri Ram. He went because he was a Hindu. He went to dinner last night. We got a video of about 8.50 and people told us that my brother had been killed. I can't believe how people become so cruel. Don't they have children? I pray that
  6. The Supreme Court has confirmed the Order of the Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court of transferring the investigation of the Lavanya suicide case to the CBI from Tamilnadu police. It criticized the SP for denying the conversion angle in her press conference.
  7. Thank you for making your thoughts clear on how Hindus should be treated,(unequally, less than others) your views that Hindus are enjoying more "fruits" and that they suffer from blindness seeing only appeasement. I appreciate it deeply, brother.
  8. Thank you for accepting that there is force to convert in missionary institutions. As for the facts, these are the observations of the Madras High Court Madurai Bench.
  9. Newslaundry's bias against Hinduism is well known. It counts amongst its contributors, the notorious Islamist Sharjeel Usmani. In any case, for every article you quote, I can quote back 100 articles of pro BJP publications like Swarajya, Op India and others. But I will not do that as I would like to discuss on facts alone. And it's for the same reason that anecdotal "evidence" ( my friend's friend/student/relative knows her and so what I say is true) has no value in a discussion based on established facts.
  10. The girl recorded a video before her suicide and blamed the school management for torturing her to convert to Christianity. Her mother blamed the school for the same reason and also said the media was trying to twist Lavanya's statement. The Madras High Court transferred the case to CBI as the state govt was trying to sidetrack the conversion issue. If you think Lavanya herself, her family and the Madras High court Madurai Bench also belong to the so called IT cell, it's fine. I understand.
  11. You seem to know more about the girl's suicide more than the girl herself and her family. Carry on brother.
  12. A poor Hindu girl, Lavanya committed suicide in Tamilnadu as she was being forced to convert to Christianity by the school. There is no problem with that for most of us. We pretend it did not happen. However, students being told to come in uniforms is a big threat to secularism and shows the extremism of Hindus. This, in a nutshell, is the problem with secular Hindus.
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