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  1. lokesh ni thippandi aggressive campaiging start avvali lokesh
  2. tyagalaki sidham kavali ante ila ayinda !! sad! manam em aina matladutham… janalu sarigga ardham cheskovali..
  3. parents can send their kids to govt school or another private school where there is no ruddudu.. if there is none, then why blame only narayana? because they are delivering on their promise?
  4. counter case emanna vese chance unda?
  5. IAS wrong deeds ki "social service" relief kakunda siksha pade avakasam emanna unda?
  6. do or die for all 3 parties… so cbn stop being desperate!!
  7. "chandrababu thanu chesina development, thane chepukuntadu.. mana navvestham. jagam emi cheyaka poyina, ila common man stage characters tho chepisthadu, manam nammestham" ivi mana chudam kada.. authali vadi strategy ni timely decode chese network mana dagara ledu... forget about having one... manadi brute force technology.... vodithe motham collateral damage ee, gelisthe small majorities
  8. this will be catastrophic! even if jsp says there is no bjp in coalition, that will not be true!
  9. hindi nerchukuni ee northies sermons teeskovali.. adi veella aalochana! veellu mathram another language nerchukune effort pettaru!
  10. their majority number 40+ number is also fake... they claim that 12% of Andhra speak hindi... they must have counted the muslim population as hindi speakers.... they dont need them for religion, but for language they claim these numbers... "goons must be crazy" in bjp!
  11. yeah assure them and keep all your promises, until they bring another set of Income tax officers or use Cbi or concort a narrative like utilization certificate or polavaram ATM!
  12. to have a link language, 3 language policy need to be imposed for every student, and the 2nd and 3rd language can be a choice of the student, but the choice should not be one of the local languages.. appudu andariki "common civil code" laga.. "common language code" apply ayinattu... whether it is written in constitution or not, hindi imposition is totally unfair and injustice.. after 10 years of investing schooling in hindi, there are many of us who can barely speak a few sentences in hindi.. clearly this language push will remain a disadvantage to the non-native speakers..
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