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  1. Don't fall into the enemy's trap by abusing Govt employees. That's what they want you to do so that all the anger of the employees can be turned against TDP. Instead, let the facts speak for themselves. Anger is slowly building up among employees against J. Don't divert it. You can spread this message and turn it to a positive for us.
  2. I was triggered by the women at the head of the tables, dealing out cards to the gamblers.
  3. All these certainly were there since long, but earlier the fellows who organised these rackets were treated as rogues and criminals and no respect was given to them. The difference now is that we made them ministers. I was also shocked to see women dealing the cards. Yes I am old fashioned, and I'd like to remain that way.
  4. I think morality, values and decency are dead in Andhra. Never expected it would happen so fast.
  5. Let us see who has given the maximum benefit. Let us also see who they cry against the most. Let them enjoy.
  6. May be exceptions, and my full respect to them.
  7. రోజులు మారాయి. ఇప్పుడు ఏ ఉపాధ్యాయుడికి కూడా విద్యార్థి మీద చెయ్యి వేసే ధైర్యం లేదు. పూర్వం విద్యార్థి చెడిపోతున్నాడు అనే బాధతో, కొడితే ఆ భయంతో మళ్లీ తప్పు చేయరు అని, ఇంట్లో తప్పు చేస్తే తండ్రి కొట్టినట్టు ప్రేమతో కోపం నటిస్తూ కొట్టే వారు. ఇప్పుడు విద్యార్థి చెంప కందిపోతే పోలీస్ కేసు, పొరపాటున వాడు రాజ్యాంగ రక్షణ పొందిన వర్గం వాడైతే జైలు, ఉద్యోగం నుంచి డిస్మిస్. The system is beyond repair to be frank.
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