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  1. It is not EPF, but GPF, which is specific to the state government employees under the old pension scheme. It is operated and maintained by the AG Offices of each state.
  2. 19 children and 2 adults. Terrible news. They were just about to leave for their summer break. Om shanti.
  3. Narayana didn't create the system. He is only one of many players and it's not his fault that he is the most successful player. I too don't agree with the harassment that children are subjected to in the name of coaching, affecting their childhood. But let's look at it in another way. One lower middle class kid suffering for 4-5 years gets into IIT. His, his children's, and his whole family's fortunes are changed forever. I would say that it's not a bad tradeoff. And 90% of the others who did not get into IIT would still get into some other good college.
  4. In both Ap and TG, a significant percentage of people below 50 years irrespective of party loyalty would have studied in Narayana institutions and benefited greatly. It's time for these people both inside India as well as outside to take a stand. Let them come out and protest. The party cannot do everything, while the people sit inside and enjoy.
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