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  1. Fake propaganda don’t believe it
  2. I’m expecting there majority around 2-3 lakhs
  3. Exactly because of it pratie yadava comment cheyatham start chesadu if they know tokkestharu Anie a bhayam vuntundhe comment cheyathaniki okatie ki rendu sarlu
  4. Seems patnayak govt is selling the lands not baffas
  5. No difference in script worst fellow...
  6. Super good to see it is becoming electronic manufacturing hub
  7. plz make some strict safety guidelines for this cruise or boat House tourism that needs to be implemented by however contract is given
  8. Kurnool police twitter lo active gha reply istey best some 6 guys beating home guard video circulate chestu baffas congs vadinie panilo panie gha mananie include chesie news spreading police not taking action Anie already police arrested them but still they should have atleast made statement regarding it to put an end to this fake news baffas in social media