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  1. How is he getting oxygen from Karnataka....when Bangalore itself got it from Jharkhand today
  2. UP went for global tenders....dont know what is he waiting for ?
  3. Naaku telisina valle last one week lo 7 people succumbed to covid...vijayawada and vizag lo .. Anni non covid chesi comorbidity valla ani raasestunnaru anukunta....don't know why this guy wants to fake and his neighbour wants to show less numbers...TG yesterday had 5k new patients and 9k recovered
  4. A case registered by a local against former Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister and TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu for "creating panic among public about N440K COVID strain". The case has been registered at Kurnool 1 town police station under multiple sections of IPC and Disaster Management Act Ee caselu endo veella bonda...CBN cheptene panic aa leki fellows ..evado prati Danilo kurnool lo case veyyadam...aa policelu noticelu ivvadam
  5. Vellevade bro....kejri travel restrictions pettadu ga for ppl entering from Andhra Pradesh
  6. heights...ikkada prajala gosha vadilesi evaro CM PM ni oka question adigithe poduchukochindi! ikkada eeyana mantrulu maatram nijalu maatladina vallaani harrass cheyadam state lo vadda unity and working together...ikkada TDP vaadu manchi chesta ante oppukomu. tirigi cases petti jail lo covid antistam 😞
  7. He is playing well...whatever you say.... giving money to you versus paying to your school/college.. Most people feel happy seeing money in their accounts
  8. Lot of insurance providers are denying covid claim...and have to buy a topup
  9. what is the final outcome....re-election impossible....atleast public should realise they both are together in the scam
  10. he requested states not to go for lockdown....and only look at it as last step
  11. he hadd meeting with all pharma companies till 7, so he will push saying vaccination is the only way to stop wave