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  1. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/vijayawada/jagan-likely-to-offer-rs-ticket-to-chiranjeevi/articleshow/88886574.cms
  2. such a sad state of affairs manishi ni champatam endi ra ayya
  3. Don't think he's worried about any star He either is eyeing the cinema theatre lands or exhibitor businesses, making them sell to his party men and then dictate and make money
  4. bhootha, bhavishyathu gurtukuvastunnayemo
  5. Too much looting surely. Hope people come out of caste fanaticism and make a better choice next term and not get lured for money before elections
  6. Will the govt reimburse all the court fees for the farmers This is purely to divert from all issues and hide his incapabilities
  7. what is the need to pause it court lo odipotamane kada....cheppukoleka kotha dramas!
  8. 2 years meeru addu paddaru...ledante chalaa adbhutamaina phalitalu chusevaru donga na sons....green tribunal cases esi enni aaparu mari
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