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  1. -RK ki chala hopes vunnayi bail cancel avuthundi ani and Sharmila ki too much coverage isthunnadu. The political developments in Andhra Pradesh are spiraling out of control. The court cases are threatening to destabilize the ruling YSRCP one by one. Not a day is passing without some court or the other making serious comments against the decisions of the Jaganmohan Reddy regime. The immediate threat is from the bail cancellation case in the CBI court. The use of ‘third degree’ allegedly on the rebel MP is creating controversies in Delhi. The situation has come to such a sorry pass that the
  2. So sad.RIP ilantivi chustey asalu devudu unnada anipisthundi.
  3. @Chandas uncle, editing needs to be improved.Subject shake avuthuney vundi which is strain for eyes to watch.Pattabhi gari ears lepesaru editing lo. First family background, education tho start chestey baguntundi like open heart.Rest all content is gud
  4. Good job by RRR.But TDP yenduku pil veyyaledo RRR kantey mundey.Not sure if TDP filed pil on Amaravati/CRDA issue.Even special status meeda veyyachu kada against centre.
  5. Chala vishayalu cheppadu.Ayana US velthey manchidi,lekuntey edo case petti lopala vestharu decoit batch ippudunna valla frustration ki.
  6. ippativaraku okka ycp MP kuda react avvala.they are already in defensive mode.Parliament lo officers ni suspend chesam ani cheppukuntaru max to save jagan.
  7. Old bills ey chala varaku clear cheyya ledu.debt ridden state.Appu chesindi panchadaniki saripothundi.Development zero.ika yevaru vastharu tenders ki.
  8. RRR letter eyana Twitter pettadu.Ala leak ayyindi.
  9. Diaphragm wall damage ayyindi anta due to negligence in maintenance.Adhi vadilesi pattiseema type lift irrigation planning anta.Best example chetha kanivadiki adhikaram is they ilaney vuntundhi.
  10. Covaxin also around Rs.1000-1400 depending on hospital.Govt hospitals lo stock ledu covaxin di.Covishield is available in limited stock for free in govt centres that too for 45+ aged only.Worst planning by central like demonetization.
  11. New Delhi/Hyderabad: The biggest tranche yet of Russia's Sputnik V vaccine arrived in Hyderabad before dawn today and was cleared in a record 90 minutes. At 3 million doses, weighing 56.6 tonnes, this is the biggest import consignment of COVID-19 vaccines to arrive in the country. The Apollo Group of Hospitals has announced that it will start administering Sputnik V across its hospitals in India from the second week of June at an estimated price of Rs 1,195 per dose.
  12. The AP Government suddenly transferred Guntur Urban SP Ammi Reddy without giving him any posting. Ammi Reddy has been asked to report to the DGP Office. On top of it all, political circles were surprised why Ammi Reddy was suddenly moved out of Guntur. He has been doing a fantastic job right since the day of the arrest of the MP. It goes without saying that rebel Raju’s successful landing in Delhi after leaving the Army Hospital, Secunderabad, was a big disappointment to the AP Government. That happened despite the close vigil placed by the Guntur Urban police reportedly to take the MP ba
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