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  1. Internal ga finalize chesi candidate ni tiragamantaaru. Candidate few CR karchu pettaka, Saamajika sameekaranaalu ani cheppi last minute lo candidacy marustaaru. Few elections lo ila jarigindi. New candidates bhayapadutunnaru. CBN should finalize the candidacy in public and let them know that he is the contestant.
  2. Neeku ala anipinchinda sodara. Odipothe emiti mana paristhiti anna bhayam kuda lekunda inka leki ga post chestunnadu ante, Delhi peddala Aasissulu yentaga unnayo ardham avutundi.
  3. Aayana Vadinamma Fan. Aavida lage eeyana kuda global politician.
  4. Let's not get relaxed. Those crowd should be turned into pro voters. Don't take it as granted. It only takes 6 months to change the picture by PK.
  5. Ha ha ha. Sodarudu konchem aveshapadi Zero annadu. But, until end of 2017 TDP is hands down frontrunner. Padayatra and SM management under PK's guidance along with blessings from MOSHA and KCR changed the entire political picture. Rest is history.
  6. GOP leadership might split between Trump and Desantis but, GOP voters will stick with Trump if he announces his candidature.
  7. When TDP-JS alliance is imminent, they play these cheap tricks to make JS cadre feel over confident and ask for more seats.
  8. True. Urban meeda concentrate cheyyakapothe Reps blue states ni flip cheyyaleru until unless their rural voters turns in big numbers on election day like in 2016 and 2020.Anta voting ravalante Trump gade correct or vaadi lanti poker kavali. NV Senate race lo late ballots were from Clark County. Dems candidate got 65% which turned the election in their favor. Mail in ballots teeseste one side for Reps. Dems vote bank doesn't come out to vote in person. One thing Reps successfully did after 2016 is, battleground states like OH and FL ni Leaning Red cheyyagaligaaru.
  9. Phir Ek bhaar Trump Sarkar Slogan ayipoyindi. Ippudu DeSantis ki em slogan sodara? Hamara Sriram Raksh DeSantis ani try cheyyandi.
  10. ETV GHANTARAAVAM lo telecast cheste andaram chustamuga.
  11. Ee stat telusu sodara.No party fared well in first mid term of their presidential term. Adding Inflation, Raising Unemployment to the above stat gave Reps hope for a Big Red Wave. What I meant to say is NY and CA lo strong seats odipoyaru. Else, House kuda control vachedi. Now, they will be short by 4-5 seats. They have to take every seat as battleground.
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