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  1. Pappu ane tag teeseyyatam kashtam. RG pappy aithe, MODI ganneru pappu ani permanent tag veyyali. Thats the only solution. It applies to Loki as well . When and If RG and Loki comes to power, they can try to remove their pappu tag.
  2. మహిళ సీఎం మహిళ పోలీస్ అయిన మనం తాడేపల్లి ఇంటి దెగ్గర నిరసన తెలియచేసిన వారిపై అత్యాచారం కేసు. ఇవన్నీ ఒక దానికి ఒకటి ఇంటర్లింక్ అయ్యాయి. ఆ అన్నే ఈ అక్కగా వచ్చాడా ఏమిటి? అక్క వస్తుంది అని చెప్పండి ఇక నుండి.
  3. Mana vallaki Short term memory anataaniki idoka example. Penamaluru MLA Bode was ready to sacrifice his seat.Lokesh denied sensing it would give wrong signals in cadre.On other hand blue media started campaign that Lokesh is running a Pseudo government. If LP, is thrown out why is CBN Silent on this.CBN government ni monarchy chestunnadu ani pracharam chesaru. CBN first back step started then bending down to these allegations he nominated Lokesh for MLC. It's not a one night decision.
  4. Idi only BJP, TRS and YSRCP power lo unnappudu vartistundi. Ade TDP power lo unte Manchi chevilo, Chedu Mike lo chebutaadu. Edaina sare Megastar for a Reason.
  5. Franklin anevadidi ye kulamo kanukkune panilo unnadu.
  6. I am eagerly waiting for this to happen. Not interested in Jalagam going back to jail.
  7. Bhayya, ee numbers maku telusu. How is the decreased vote share related to balayya's emotional issues. Balayya manchi manishi Kani, kodutunnadu kabatti memu oka ardhika neragadini support chestam ani janam anukunnaru antava? Trump ki youth support leda? Lekundane 74M (47%) vote share vachinda?
  8. Huge loss to party. Thats a big statement. If balayya could have controlled his emotions, would TDP have retained power or atleast win 5 more seats? Just curious as you know the ground reality.
  9. Balayya kottedu ani state motham anti vachindi TDP ki except in Hindupur where balayya himself Contested . Jhoo Mantara khali. Balayya kodatam valla abhivrudhi aagipoyindi.States ki funds raaledu. Aayana chesindi correct ani nenu ananu. Kani, aayana valla party odipoyindi ante matram Amen.
  10. 1989 was a different scenario. Ranga murder ane reason aina undi. What was there in 2019 for remaining castes to hate kamma other than the false propaganda by PK team.
  11. May be I missed it. Before 2014 naku telisi Pappu ani defame chesindi RG ni okkadine anukunnanu.
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