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  1. update: sravan kumar lawyer confirmed that BJP took invitation to attend all party meeting to condemn the arrest, but did not bother to attend
  2. modi ee chepichadu.... this is not about jagan after CBN approached modi about pothu deal and his future role at centre, modi challenged /instigated jagan that you can't prove anything about CBN, so he will win.. I won't support you! so jagan came up with a plan... clearly no one at the centre is speaking anything, as if nothing happened in AP.... notice even purandeswari silent about arrest after initial reaction, she is only talking about liquor
  3. lokesh pickup avadam, pawan kalyan Cbn ni kalavadam, dagaraki cheradam modi gariki nachaledu anukuntaz elagaithe cbn retire / disappear avagane tdp ni kabja cheddam anukunnaro.. adhe plan jagan tho arrest cheyinchi, election vodagotti cheddam anukunnattu unnaru.. great politics asalu!
  4. investigation time bound kadu, trial time bound kadu, remand time bound kadu.. courts merits of the case lo ki nenu vellanu ante nenu vellani ani judges orders ichesaru.. cant afford to loose more time, this should be stated to judge and underline the need to uphold democratic processes vis-a-vis election campaigning, party activities, electioneering etc.
  5. Chances are they will extend remand and may even extend police custody.. SC meeda kuda aasalu levu, in case this is Modi plan, we can expect how SC ruling will be.. Can lawyers cite 1. incoming elections 2.party head / head of opposition 3. physical and mental health and mention that as head of opposition, he is losing crucial time before an election .. It is the responsibility of the judiciary also to uphold democracy.. So can we seek house custody instead? bail w or w/o restrictions is better option ofcourse bahusha ee vishyam meeda ekkuva push cheyyali legal ga, instead of squash… what are party legal minds thinking?
  6. antha scene ledu.. iddaru lock up ayyi jail lo unte, apudu kuda idhe cheppagalara!!..
  7. if he is doing padayatra, who will follow up with SC lawyers and MPs to coordinate things in delhi! someone can take his spot and coordinate things for the party.. achem is doing good job, but he should be willing to coordinate and if necessary facilitate other senior leaders to actively participate in party activities.. keshav, narendra, jawahar, buchaiah, ashok gajapathi raju etc chalamandi unnaru ga… someone or all of them have to step up. this person if necessary should be willing to give up his mla ticket for the next person, and just work for the party until elections
  8. ee time lo seniors andaru oka maata meedaki vachi, evaro okaru direction lo munduku vellali… this person should be a proxy to cbn/lokesh temporarily they should prepare for worst case scenario that even SC can potentially reject another quash or bail petition.. pure ga courts meeda bharam pettadam too risky at this stage.. always have a plan-b RRR case choosam, aina em nerchuko pothe ela… he got his bail, but 1. no more trial even in SC about blatant errors in the lower courts, him being beaten up, false health reports, the way he is arrested etc.. 2. no trial on cancellation of jagan reddy bail petition he filed 3. RRR still in delhi and no court is there to give him anticipatory bail or enable him to exercise his right to free movement to his own constituency
  9. we should urge every beneficiary to make 1 min clip about how CBN helped them achieve their success..
  10. antha scene ledu… if administration works from south, then he can’t continue one language, one pm, one dictatorship
  11. mee jagan reddy gelusthada 2024 lo? jagan bharathi modi roadmap enti inthaki!
  12. BRS will ensure power swings within their family and kavitha comes safe even after multiple other state leaders and nonpolitical people got arrested.. inthaki okadu approver ayyi, ttd board member kuda ayyadu annaru, ninamena!!
  13. new cm every 6 months is better than dictatorship and harassment they are having right now
  14. ilanti survey lo ap lo volunteers tho chesi untaru.. evari intlo em jaruguthundo vallaki baga telusu
  15. maa amayakatvam alantidi mari... You know which Indian company shipped this oil from India to Germany? of course you know! why dont you also mention the timeline for folks who may be learning this subject firstime...
  16. jagan reddy, kcr, governors of most states marchipoya add cheskondi..
  17. india was buying excessive oil on discount... germany was using their stock pile.. russian oil aa, middle east oil aa kadu.... they are operating on the stock they have... ee dosalu enduku maku
  18. CBN said special package is better... atu pawan ni itu jagan ni petti baane trap lo pettaru ga... CBN emundi, purandeshwari garu kuda adhe trap lo undi.. modi thalachukunte debbalaku kodava!
  19. mee leader gurinchi meeru emi cheyara? memu vesthe mee kasayi vodu vintadu mari! lol! CBN ne arrest cheyinchadu, AP raktham pinduthunnadu... mamulu manushulu oka lekka
  20. because you can't hide truth for too long! CBN arrest case lo beneficiary kanapadaka poyina arrest chestharu, war time pertoleum purchase lo beneficiary kanapadina, kathi gallo thipputharu!
  21. polavaram atm anna PM meeda case enduku veyakudadu! RaGa meeda case petti disqualify chesinappudu, modi anthadi mahanubhavudu thanaku thanu prove cheskovaliga!
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