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  1. any question were picked regarding potential cases on cbi director or prosecutor?
  2. matter correct ee ga... modi is dependent on pmo officials for everything... he is merely a “yes man” for administration... yet he knows how to use govt bodies like cbi for party benefit
  3. you are laughing for that annayi!?
  4. he can grow his beard and say some political stuff on congress and cbn and other opposition leaders in mannkibaat...
  5. janalu marchipoyaru already.. veedu “akkada emi jaruguthaundo andariki telsu” anta, janalu konderri foonk gallu, no doubt!
  6. better to avoid this... let nbk foundation take up and help some needy tdp people... cbn ki waste matter idhi
  7. dabbulu teeskuni donga ycp votes vese batch ki ravali realization.. there are no neutral voters.. if you can rightfully make them stand in line for vaccine, (remedesevir etc) like others, automatic ga valla lo realization vachesthadi..
  8. chandrababu ni "nadi roddu meeda kalchi champandi" annadu, ipudu lechi vochi janalani bathikinchala, vaccine teppinchala?! siggu vodilesina batch kada..
  9. 5-10% aa ... antha ledu.. they are happy that they are dying in jagans rule anta... mind blowing, right!!
  10. bharath biotech ap lo undi unte, ip motham dobbesi, edo tax kattaledu, santhakam pettaledu ani ee patiki motham hetero or reddys or aurobindo ki transfer chesese vallu ee lafoots and langas
  11. meeru digipondi... memu elagola vaccination chestham.. single line... prajala pranala kante meeku adhikaram mukhayama, digipondi ani cheppali..
  12. please tell him not to react to wild ladies and other idiots,.... and keep the focus
  13. personal dabba kottukuni revanth bag pettadu table meeda... this may not be the time for it...bits and pieces ga adagatam better not like RK, start from childhood
  14. yes, but it may cast a different impression on the ongoing fight.. you can ask how he has become close to ys reddy to the extent of naming his son
  15. ask if he will pursue a case against cbi shukhla
  16. ask why cbn is not filing cases like bail cancellation when a single mp is filing.. then add lokesh and pk to follow up
  17. are you kidding... every video gets tons of views and many channels are re-circulating them in different formats... 500k views on current affairs is nothing for you? he is not making cat videos
  18. please ask him if he will file case on tirupathi donga voters who denied others right to vote ask him if he will be the coordinater to join opposition parties in ap since he is also fighting ask him how can public help him in fighting criminal politicians
  19. at the level he is doing politics, he won’t reveal his sources, that would be too costly
  20. chandas bro... RRR will not lose audience.. this is not going to happen. even i thought in the recent time that he is getting too tangled up with Anitha reddy, x reddy, y reddy etc... but he quickly learned to stay out of it.. he even said this in discussion with VK.. RRR learns very fast and makes quick adjustments.. andukane “he is very calculative “
  21. will forward this case to home minister... (then we know where it goes... nowhere)
  22. ante bharathi cements ki favour cheyadam , megha ki contracts ivvadam , etc etc ivanni personal interest tho chesanu ani voppukunnatte ga
  23. ledu ledu... jail lo ne anukunta.... peddireddy pedathadu
  24. electioneering ki pani chese teaching staff ki quick and easy money kavali... adi kottesthe vallu full happies, party full happies...
  25. inthaki em jaruguthaandi antav ? asalu neeku emi telsu ani nuvvu anukuntunnav?