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  1. I don’t expect much….. but…. Jagan’s own sister giving one on one interview to ABN is a huge thing….. it proves all is not well…..
  2. trust cheyyakkarlaaa…… use their weak points and keep hitting on them…..
  3. Pavan Kalyan gaadi dailogue undigaaa….. “maaku gramullo kaadu….. tonnullooo untundi” ani…. Eskondi….
  4. Now Baffas will come and abuse on her paternal race!
  5. Venakaala mokkubadigaaa okkadu koodaaa ledu….. ah naluguru 500 times kaaadu 5000 times ellinaaa collections raavugaaaa
  6. Manam question chesthey desa bhakti! avtalodu question chesthey pure hatred!! GOD BLESS YOU!
  7. Indulo hatred angle ekkada undi babbayyaaaa…….. ports anni one by one “single person” ki kaaru chavakagaaaa istunnappudu….. isn’t it his responsibility to take measures on security scans ? Veediki checks and measures teeskuney min responsibility ledhaaa ? this shows our Vulnerability….. scary thing is, this smuggling is happening since more than a year as per the reports coming out from investigation….
  8. If same thing entered into India by Ports from Kerala or West Bengal…. Baffas sudden ga active ayyi….. links okadu share chestaadu anti nationals ani okadu tidataaadu idantaaa Gandhi Nehru valla ani inkokadu evevo pichi pustakaaalu techi vaadistaaaadu….. manam emanna gattiga vadisthe….. mana antu choodataaaniki oka sainyam undhi adhikaaarikamgaaa……
  9. why no thread on this by Baffas.... ? 79 year old Amrinder Singh ni CM ga remove chesthe vachi noise chesaaru..... Pakistaan Vat-kay antu logics laagaaru..... Afghanistan nunchi drugs India loki Adani's port nunchi enter ayithe why no threads in DB ?
  10. huge scam idhi! Bofors is nothing infront of this.
  11. chaa..... so you cannot apply same logic on Modi anamaaata..... abhimaanam undochu..... maaku kooda CBN and TDP meeda abhimaanam undhi... but still we bash both when there are wrong steps.... why cant you question Modi on critical issues? whats stopping?
  12. 2001-2003 madhyalo ni rains in AP….. that hit us badly…..
  13. why couldn’t you apply your last statement to Modi ?
  14. There are fools in IT who believe that Hyd developed on its own and CBN don’t have anything to do about it.
  15. Veediki English artham avtundaaa ? Asalu anni papers chadivi artham cheskoney scene undhaaa ?
  16. Ah tellodiki Hindi vachaaa ? Vaaadu Eng lo adugutunnadu…… eedu Hindi lo cheptunnadu…..
  17. Musalla tho nindina sarassu lo roju swim chesedi fellow crocodile mathramey! Hence proved!
  18. Adagakandaaa undadu le….. waiting for this episode….. (last time ABN previewed “Panjabi Panja” and didn’t air that episode, hope it won’t be like that)
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