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  1. ED cases ah ? Picha lite! Jagan gaaadu enni cases Mudd1 kinda pettukoni koorsunnadu ? The central agencies are a big joke in India!
  2. Lokesh should use this….. perfect comparision
  3. Modi did same thing what Jagga is doing in AP. Kill opposition by whatever witch ways and divide people vertically. Human development index, education etc., worst undi Gujarat.
  4. Gujarat ah…. Picha lite….
  5. Time pass candidate eedu….. lite teeskondi….. huzuraaabad time lo edho wild allegation chesaaadu TRS meeda….. tarvatha sorry cheppadu…..
  6. Janaala nunchi retort emi undakapovachu….. they are getting used to his bitterness!
  7. Teachers oka party ki favor chestaaaraaa cheyyaraaaa pakkana pedithe….. election duty ki Jagan gaaadi private sainyam digutundi…… mass rigging next level choostaaaaru ee saari….
  8. Tappanisari paristitullo….. you can have teachers selling liquor!
  9. Eh raaaayi ayithe enti pallu raaalagottukotaaaniki……
  10. Endi ee torture ? 2 hours choosamtaavaaa endi ah Nagi gaaadini ?
  11. Don’t read it as vote percentage. Kurnool tour success only shows that our leaders in Kurnool are working so well at ground level.
  12. Sharmila antey confidence antav….. manollu antey comedy antav….. ento Nee insecurity feeling!
  13. In hind sight, it could be giving away everything to Adani could Be the ask along with funding to BJP in some states. Ikkada deal set avvaka or Jagan better deal ichi undochu….
  14. Hard core Jaffas never realize! It’s a day dream if you think they will realize or change. Human egos and psychology!
  15. 40% didn’t deserve this chanti….
  16. Toseddam sir toseddaaaam….. janaaala meeedaki toseddaaaam…!
  17. Generally ground level cadre will give these replies Perfectly. In fact better than our spokespersons! But Jaffa has gone to extreme evilness after getting into power.
  18. Double engine sarkar’s main intention is to drive away the investments in other states towards Gujarat at faster pace! That’s what’s happening in MH and KA!
  19. Mana DB Baffas eh kadaaaa…..!
  20. It’s not zoo keeper…. These guys collect specimens for pride! Money undani emainaaaa chestunnaru….. actually central govt will raid and book cases if a common man does these things….. money matters!
  21. Heee heeeee…… veeedini dattata teeskunnollu kooda anti Hindus kindakey vastaaaru!
  22. Hey chintu Tinku….. pakkakelli Aduko….. few other members confirmed you are underaged! Get your nappies!
  23. Customs follow avvakapothey why it doesn’t matter ? maree too much covering chestunnarugaaa….. Somu is not appointed recently right ? He is state party President from more than 2 years ? Antey Modi never met AP state party President in last 2 years ani cheptunnaraaa ? you didn’t answer another question. Why only Somu is questioned ?
  24. RSS lo tradition to introduce annaru kadaaa….. PM ki minahaayimpu undi ani cheppatlaaa meeeru….. idekkadi amaayakatvamoo….. inkevarineee adagalaaa who are you ani! Only Somu that too he is a state party head. So Modi doesn’t know who is AP state party head ? That shows how much he is concerned about your party in AP!
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