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  1. Drugs emanna teesukuntunnaraaa ? Leka boom boom withdrawal effect ah ? akkada CM and ministers pramanasweekaram chesi less than a week. And most of they didn’t take charge yet (muhoortaaala mahima) ganta ventane palace choopinchadu public ki…. CBN spent one day at Polavaram Home minister who is yet to take charge gave elaborate meet-the-press All these are optics and will set the tone for the executive level in coming weeks. please hold your horses and watch the show.
  2. KK is Pawan hardcore fan. You cannot expect hardcore PK fans to say Jai CBN and Jai TDP. Ignore his statements. After 3 months nobody does interview with KK. Media channels cashing his hype and KK using every channel to become popular. That’s it. Don’t read too much. Just enjoy these 6 months. TDP will unearth lot of Jagga scams. Same time Revanth will unearth lot of KCR scams. just enjoy this…..
  3. ఏమిటండీ మీకు కాయ్ కచోరి అయ్యిందంటగా లోకసభ ఎన్నికల్లో అని అడుగుతోందా?
  4. This term will end by the time of Bihar or UP elections. don’t worry much. We will have mid term elections…..
  5. Nee buddhi kanna chaaala better le…… poyi poyi nuvve mechukovaaali kharma kaakapothe…… cheppaaagaaa nuvvu canadian self ani…… tappu ledu le….
  6. Nee talakaaaay……. Elli Nee Canadian self kaaanivvu….. time ayinattundi….
  7. The only objections I made are Ram Mandir : created unnecesssary hype and it didn’t even benefit BJP EOTD. Calm ga kattalsindi hadavidi chesaaru which is not needed. Moreover a mandir will not feed the stomachs of people. Create jobs and boost economy. Appudu jobs unnollu elagu mandir ki dabbulu istaaru as a spiritual thing. A370 - we are yet to see the real benefit after removing A370. If it improves the life’s of the people of J&K, nobody should object
  8. I never said that for Ram Mandir and A370. UCC will never happen as it creates a way for parallel constitution. We already have a proven constitution and any party with majority can amend it if they feel there is a need. There ends the matter for the need of UCC
  9. Burkha ni ban cheyyali…… asalu women ki musugu eskoni unchadam anedhi pedda neram IMO
  10. ఈయన చెప్పేవి 50% సొల్లు ఉంటాయి…… don’t take them seriously. For sake of discussion, if Ramoji did the survey it will definetly go to CBN. Pre poll ayyunte, CBN wouldn’t have given so many MLA seats to BJP and JS. kasepu post poll survey anukundaaam…… Ramoji is seriously ill at that time and CBN ki cheppakunda eeyana ki cheppentha close ayithe kaaadu eeeyana Ramoji ki….
  11. Ante Eppudu kooda invasions unnayaaa ? South lo invasions levaa ? Kerala Karnataka telangana lo Muslim ruling ledaaa ? Why there is no musugu in south ?
  12. Adhey cheppedhi….. mundu mana intlo unna murugu subhram cheskoni appudu edurintlo gabbu clean cheddam….. I am not defending Islam in any way.
  13. UCC will never happen. It will disturb the cultural fabric. It’s just some hadavidi of pushpins to polarize Hindu votes.
  14. Mana northie Hindu cutter batch wife mohana musugu eyyaraaa ? Let’s change them first and later we can worry about Muslims
  15. It’s a lesson for TDP. Make sure you give RS seats to hardcore loyalists this time. remember, we got 130+ seats and Jagan got only 11. So technically YCP will be zero in RS in 2-3 of years. And TDP will have full power in terms of numbers in both LS and RS
  16. వీడి పాడె! ఎండ్రిన్ ఎక్స్పైర్ అవ్వుద్ది కొత్తది తెచ్చుకో….
  17. Vangalapudi Anita is home. Hopefully, it won’t be like other HMs under Jagga rule.
  18. Good luck @surapaneni1
  19. Sree reddy ni women ga treat seyyanu dora…… prapancham lo stree jathi antarinchipoyinaaa koodaaa
  20. I used to live very close to janakiram’s house. Ma balcony lo nunchi Janaki ram house direct access annattu…. stayed in that apartment for 6 months. This kid and his brother used to play a lot. Nee peru emiti ani adigithe, the younger brother used to proudly say NTR. The elder kid is NTR and little shy like kalyanram. Small kid was chichara pidugu…. btw, this was in 2013
  21. Thumbnail choosi matter choodakapothe elaaa….. YouTube lo thumbs may not always be the real matter
  22. Adenti J&K lo anni clean chesaaadu Modi phenyl esi annattu chepparugaaaa
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