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  1. Jaffa already gave indirect orders to give vaccines to YCP batch.....
  2. CBN chief minister gaa unnaaa covid vastey potaam kadaaa...... Mana reddy govt lo potunnam.... thats good.... heard this from few folks.... basic ga vellu karudu gattina pure Anti-CBN.... veelu maararu.... vella peeenugu kuda CBN meeda edustune untundi..... anduke antaaaru chinta chachinaaa pulupu chaavadu ani...
  3. already FB brahmin groups lo Modi bomma petti..... Modi is figghting against entire world which is against India ani screenshots tipputunnaru Baffas
  4. these statements prove nothing.....show us some references....
  5. i said the same thing to one of my neighbors during this discussion. he innocently asked one question.... "Guru, summer heat lo electric machines 24x7 work ayithe kaalipotaayemo.... alaaa jarigithe covid valla chanipoyina vallani tagalette paristithi kuda leka, We should beg for funeral machines from other countries annadu" for a moment i was blank.... this is also a possibility anipinchindi
  6. oka sari deep breathe teeskuni malli chaduvu annai..... CBN sare cheyyaledu.... he is soft politician ani mee opinion.... nothing wrong.... we all feel NTR is dynamic politician right, show me one instance where NTR who is such a dynamic politician - punished police. I am not saying in negative way. we can use that instance you shared and can circulate so that current gen knows....
  7. @Nfdbno1 Pratee daniki CBN or Lokesh ni anadam enduku ? did NTR take any action on police? emanna reference untey share cheyyandi..... we will do our bit to spread it positively and proactively...
  8. Currently, India going at 18 lakh vaccinations per day! Ika ayinatteee
  9. I suspect there could be shortage of firewood for funerals if rains start early this year
  10. Feel antunnadu for advance booking dates of celebrities to Tom Tom..... pushpi galle cheyyaaali ilantivi mari
  11. nee edupulu start chesaavaaa...... adi tappa emi teleedu kadaaa
  12. Country eh Assam chesaru! Inka Assam lo gelupu emundi?
  13. Indian politics ni sarva nasanam chesina Duo..... okadu pichi kukkaaa laaaga Morugutaaadu..... Binary debates kaavaali anta Binary fellow ki.... inkodu tooo crooked..... Kali kaaalam PK roopam lo vachi untundi India ki
  14. you are right, Vajpayee is not in same category as Mori.... Vajpayee never stooped to Mori's level
  15. Santa Bio tech MD clarified.... just advance isthe capacity peragadu.... you have 60+ approvals for expansion and after getting all approvals, they still need 5-6 months to upscale their capacity
  16. Yogi movie over in UP.... if you feel Yogi will win in UP... God bless you!
  17. We want proofs..... no country will give for free.... there will be 1 paise token charge - Keeyam Khan