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  1. Maaku Capital ledu SheeM ledu ani garvam ga cheptaaa….. naaadi Andhra anta!
  2. Cons lo - face the crying of folks in India ani raayaledugaaa…..
  3. Velli paruchuri brothers ki assistant ga undochugaaa talent ikkada waste cheskune badulu? Elevation dialogues full ga mind lo unnattu unnayi…. Better use them for your gain!
  4. You didn’t get my intention. It’s your primary responsibility to have plan B. Govt employees ayinantha mathram a plan B undakoodadu antey…. Grandpa jamanaaa lo unnattey valla mindset.
  5. If you don’t have option B, you have to blame yourselves. Doesn’t matter if you are govt employee or private employee. As simple as that.
  6. dammulu tummulu enduku kaaani….. just asking….. does govt employees have another option ani…..
  7. Jagan gaaadu Malli gelichi salaries Inkaaa taggisthe em chestaaaru ? #justAsking
  8. Maa SheeeM kaaadu…… meee SheeeM…. raaaja kaaajaa ani arisaaarugaaaaa….. eppudu enduku dulupukuntunnaru ?
  9. Govt employees getting perfect treatment. There should be more rounds like this…. Perfect from Jagga!
  10. One Nation one election untey petrol price tagginchakkarledu….
  11. Living in US is affordable when compared to India. Don’t measure it by converting USD to INR. 1. corruption free at ground level 2. no insane price hikes 3. Labor laws are strict. Unless you compromise, you have the upper hand. 4. kids education is free upto high school 5. your siblings and parents in India get a push financially if you stay in US. (Whatever my parents dreamt while sacrificing for my education, they are able to see that) cons : 1. you will be away from your near and dear 2. it looks very good as long as everything goes smooth he
  12. Phone lo raavaaali Jagan kaavaaali Jagan song speaker mode lo petti navvutu anthani vaipu choosi enjoy cheyyi….. these moments won’t come everytime….
  13. Modi ni criticize chesthe Pakistan ki govt employees ni criticize chesthe Uganda ki…. ee pichi eppudu taggutundo janaalaki!
  14. It’s pay back time le…… cannot forget the OA of govt employees before 2019 and after 2019 election results.
  15. Adhey cheppedhi…… someone should attribute all his misdeeds to Jaglaq….
  16. Adantaaaa kaaaadu….. manaki so called boothula minister….. go and talk to YCP batch… for them he is dynamite…. Nani Anna! Same goes with Anil Yadav. next Casino could be in Nellore. Slowly we will see 3 or 5 casinos in AP. EOD they are projected as powerful leaders. They have iron grip on the ground level and can win by whatever witch ways! statewide Nani gurinchi em anukunta emiti ? As long as he wins in his constituency and creates sensations (abusing CBN, Casino etc)
  17. Local hero avtaaadu Nani gadu….. vaaadi vote bank enduku bad ga feel avtaaaru?
  18. He he….. vaaadu Sakshi paper free ga Esina rojulu kooda unnayi….. ilanti musalamma alugullu deniki ?
  19. I don’t have the online source on this. I am mentioning what I am seeing. That day is not far away antunnaaa….. Chinese illegal immigrants will also be a selling point in US elections kabatti…..
  20. China nunchi illegal immigrants untaaru in big number….. they come with tourist visa, end up in massage centers, sex trade, Chinese restaurants and even in some Chinese households….. Sooner or later, even these guys will be subject of election speeches and discussions…….. single point - the immigration system of US is not the best…. Still nobody comes out with collective effort cutting the lines of political parties…..
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