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  1. I hope TDP and Lokesh are aware of this
  2. Ee DB lo vallu almost everyone including me said CBN should come out of NDA. Vacham, vodipoyam, in the following days CBN wrong decision teeskunnadu ani repent ayyaru ...comment chesaru. This time...plz leave it to the Leader, trust him and just support. State nu batti paristhithulu veru, challenges veru so solutions will have to be different. Just keep calm
  3. From 23rd second...what an action...no movie actors can match him
  4. Director (PK) talent sangathi pakkana pedithe ... veelu acting tho danni next level ku tiskeltaru. Voka Modi, voka xxxxxx, his mom, voka baru aunty, ippudu eeme. Oscar is definitely not a scale
  5. Natural Star from the family of Natural Stars
  6. BJP gelichina ...Muslims ku vunna reservations teeseyyaru
  7. BJP in Central Govt ...even GST Taxes lo state ku nyayam ga ravalsina share kuda ivvakunda yeggottakaladu. Then appulu techukonivvaru...GST lo mana share manaku ivvaru. BJP against po anadam easy, but practically veelu kadu. Vere states like TN, WB ku isthunnaru kada anaddandi...there is a diffferent way of treating us (AP) cause manam adukkuthine state kabatti with spineless people kabatti
  8. Tales of Pulivendula web series, awesome idea!!!
  9. Ante yenti...political benefit kosam kadu bur land settlement money kosam champam ani projecting aa?
  10. Hehehehe, this made my Friday. Delightful talent
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