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  1. Andaru ee video miss avvakunda chudandi
  2. Maybe, they are busy in creating some stories and morphed pics/videos to blame farmers
  3. One of our DB mates sent me brother. Thank you, by the way
  4. idi kuda please ... this is very powerful
  5. Download yela cheyyalo chesi whatsapp chesi punyam kattukondi plz
  6. Ee sari voter list lo names lepesi gelustadu...he has unlimited plans unless TDP has counter plans
  7. grahacharam dash dash ayithe ...anything can happen. Businessman movie lo Mahesh babu character decides the PM kada, movie kabatti thats at the best at cinematic level.
  8. Rahul under PK direction ante ...PK will be PM one day for sure. Then Jagan and Stalin will support PK for prime Minister
  9. Yedaina sare convincing ga pracharam chrskodam lo vundi. Corona midako CBN midako Modi midako tosesi baga pracharam cheskunte chalu. Manchi kosam freedom kosam people nu gather cheyyali ante viplavakarudu janalanu convince chesthene...vutheja paristhene...chaithnya paristhene success avvagaladu. Considering that Jagan, his followers, his media and Buffas will help convincing people that its not jagan reddys mistake but he is very good.
  10. WTF!!! Is Modi selling the country to Adani and Ambani?
  11. RSS never fought for India's independence. They definitely do NOT have anything to do with freedom fight. Gandhi chose one kind of path to win the independence whereas Alluri, Bose, Bhagath Singh, etc chose a different path to win the independence. But, of course, RSS did nothing for India's freedom fight.
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