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  1. antha jarigina public loki "effective" ga teesukella lekapoyina party yedi? [Answer] TDP. I am so sorry to say that though I am part of it. The one who educates people is the one who gets to lead the people. It doesn't matter whether the education is on lies or truths. Anyways I will retweet from my end
  2. antha ledu...vallu murder chesina valla mida ayyo papam ani public anukokunda vundadaniki...they intelligently air shows and articles on Sakshi media, Social Media and everywhere by picturizing the murdered people as very bad, worst, corrupt and etc. They don't do these overnight...voka padhathi prakaram dani meede full ga shradha petti mari chestaru.
  3. Basically very genuine issues...papam anipistundi job aspirants nu chusthe
  4. Yevaritho she is telling that? I mean who is on the stage ?
  5. Very good job, much appreciated!!!
  6. anni ayyaka, andaru baga yedchaka...then jagan anna once for all thousands of jobs in huge quantity release chestadu in his 4th year or so. Thrn people velli arre kashtallo vunna maku jobs ichadu anna ani total ga 3 years ga jobs leni vishayam marchipoyi...votes guddutaru.
  7. Supari type lo idedo drama ...ayyo papam maa jagzn reddy anna
  8. These are the things that social media should take actively into people.
  9. People should get educated with these facts by opposition parties ....if not, no one cares
  10. Anna Canteens videos chusthunte...I was like andaru all kinds of people thinnaru velli ycp ku vesaru
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