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  1. Very Sad...... inthaku mundu kuda yevaro boy nu champaru kadaa
  2. People are laughing and enjoying. New normal of allari
  3. Gootlo pettukokunda yekkado pettukunte ittle ayyedi..."back"fire
  4. 4th na Meena ku pamparu Central EC....Today is 10th ....what peeking State EC?
  5. Ye mathram late cheyyakunda Oscar icheyandi
  6. vadu ,,,,avunaa,,,ok ok anthe reaction
  7. City commute....hostel to hospital ...maybe 10-20 km max
  8. Sorry about that Dr. Its a result of rush n pressure
  9. Babay daugther scooty konalani chusthondi. Electric vaddu ata. So, non-electric lo yedi bagundi? Inputs plz
  10. Lets not expect too much and rub BJP on the wrong side
  11. BJP ne ...internally ycp anukunta
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