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  1. Spot on. They don't mind n care even valla intlo vallanu lagina
  2. yendo intha OA...ila matladithe ppl will laugh ani kuda teleeda.....leda ee Sakshi batch antha liking aa ila matladithe
  3. Andaru nee lage artham cheskonevallu vundinte better ...Lokesh wouldn't have got trolled.
  4. Andulo doubt yemundi...Gujju leadership ante alaane vuntundi.
  5. So, KCR as CM in TG, Jagan as CM in AP and Gali as CM in KA.......haters in all directions for CBN.
  6. Heights of dictatorship. Dictators mathrame ilantivi chestaru
  7. As a matter of fact, the very very intelligent MoSha and Jagan ...yemi chesina ..behind the screens yedo voka donga purpose vuntundi. Vallu vallaku ye avasaram vundo ...dani chuttu public schemes vestaru. manchi coloring vachela chustaru thru their TV media, social media like Twitter, FB, WhatsApp and etc.
  8. Intentionally spreading lies and fake perspective. Vadiki thelivi leka kadu, nijam teleeka kadu...they are following a strategy. PK/BJP's strategy: ila athi chesi, strong ga vundi...last lo PK will say lwts align, then TDP will align with a few seats to JSP. This way it could actually help YCP. It could be a strategy to kill TDP. BJP n YCP are very cunning n smart in creating n executing unbelievable and unexpected plans. Yevaru fake o ye matalu n actions fake o original o...nobody knows. Avasaram ani manam vallatho velthe ninda munchestaru.
  9. Anye ...this time kuda YCP gelichela manipulate chestam ani telling aa Baffas
  10. ABN on the payroll of BJP. BJP ku benefit ga bjp friend PK nu lepadame valla main agenda
  11. Hope God will take a note of all these
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