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  1. ila yekkadikakkade thirigi ichi padeyyali. ithanni yemi ibbandi pedtaro ee ycp vallu. Lokesh must immediately talk to him and appreciate him without fail. ilantollane protect chesukovalsindi
  2. Very well said. Don't think I am too pessimistic. But, hope these crowds are not sponsored by someone else to make us complacent. Ee kalam lo prathi vokkarini and prathi action nu kuda anumaninchalsi vastondi.
  3. Ghoram assalu...intha rowdyism, worst government, I have never seen
  4. Jagan ku favor ga vastundi. I know it's unfortunate for AP....helpless
  5. WTH!!! Prajalanu complete ga dochukuntunnadu
  6. Great actor India ever produced, great sense of where the camera is and if anybody coming in it's way. Mind blowing for sure
  7. ilantivi mohamatam lekunda thippali. YouTube channels, interviews iche political analysts tho cheppinchali interviews lo...slow poison la jarigipovali pani spread cheyyatam.
  8. As a matter of fact, janalaku manchi chesi bagu padina or sukha padina varu yevvaru leru. Most of the people are very selfish. MLA/MP/CM/PM anevallu people nu rule cheyyali in such a way that they depend n rely on them. People like who give them Fish to eat not who teaches them how to fish.
  9. Most of respected are like that...thimmini bammi chestharu. Bhale soft human laga coloring istharu modatlo. Not all though but most
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