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  1. Yeah. But, resign and contest chesi vodipothe then he won't even be an MP. Then he won't have any privileges and extra layer od protection it gives him. In this case, jagan reddy chethilo pranam kuda poye chances full ga vunnay
  2. Exactly! That makes Jagan more dangerous and ruthless
  3. Moral values n kastha humanity vunnay ani anukunte kastho koostho Revanth lo vunadcha or Jagan Reddy?
  4. If it is Jagan then RRR ku pippi teesinattu teestadu
  5. I also have same opinion which is very unfortunate though
  6. Yevarayana??? Any significance to the photo click ?
  7. Jabardast the idi: Pellam vere vadiki line veyyatam, lechi povadam, vere vaditho duets, mogudu vere vallatho ...ivanni every show lo highlight chesthu navvisthu ... idantha common ani public loki injecting. Snd people are enjoying. movies lo kuda nakodaka ane word common ayyindi
  8. 4 more tickets with family n 2 kids from my end for today. Going to buy tickets in counter this afternoon
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