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  1. you can see which list of countries we are kept!
  2. Exclusively from Blue media ani tippandi
  3. Winning in elections is not an approval that he is innocent. As long as there is constitution, we must fight it out. We should first come out of the mindset that “if a person win in election, people approved that he is sage”
  4. Inkaaa 3 years unnayigaaaa they will wait happily!
  5. 10,000 fine ? Comedy ah? Ah election ki official ga kharchu pettina amount ki 10 times fine esthe appudu bhayam untundi….
  6. Paritala case lo INC kuda emi cheyyalaaa only when there is ego clash between Jagan and Sonia, then things changed!
  7. RGV tho movie teeyisthe sari…. Entire AP can be made bakras and made then believe what these thugs want them to believe!
  8. Eh ooru annai meeedi? SM lo tippakundaaaa eee questions enti ?
  9. Jana metha jagannannaaaa Mana metha ekkadannnaaa? ilaaaa raayalsindi
  10. TTDP lo evaru ekkuva edava antey matuku Revanth will be at last place…. Party ni vallaki vadili…. Take collective decisions antey…. Gorrelaaaga power unna vaipu poyaaaru max and amma akka aaaali dobbaru….. edho Revanth valla party loss ayindi antey I don’t agree….. he has his faults…. What about other people who have larger share in the kill?
  11. I believe religion is the binding force for them. We should find a cure for this…. PK team only added as catalyst to all the unity at ground level.
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