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  1. So you are saying you are no different than previous regimes ?
  2. Nenu less than 200 anukuntunnanu (BJP alone not NDA)
  3. TG lo same ilaaane nadipaaaru BRS vallu. 1. never allowed media to show INC works at ground level 2. used SM influencers before elections and gave hell lot of positive campaigns 3. used surveys and showed its BRS all the way 4. used astrologers and gave repeated predictions on KCR-3 or KTR will be CM or Revanth will never become CM in life cut chesthey…….
  4. They are citizens le…… arrest and 10k bail bond meeda vachestaru….. worst case edo oka ground level job cheskuntaru for few years and come back again after getting this cleared from their record….
  5. So only Iran lost money and Israel didn’t lose a penny while intercepting ? emanna sides teeskuntunnara mana Pishpi batch….. 300+ missiles and drones ni intercept seyyataniki pette effort kuda financially equal if not more that that untundi…..
  6. AB Lincoln a true inspiration in many ways.
  7. VK and DK are the only guys playing consistently for RCB. Can’t find fault with them.
  8. sskmaestro


    Modi childhood pic laaga undi….
  9. ప్రత్యేక హోదా కాదు ప్రత్యేక శ్రద్ధ! లాగా శ్వేతా పత్రం కాదు శ్వేతా పత్రం డాట్ కమ్!
  10. UP surplus budget….. for every one rupee of tax collected from UP, how much giving back ? Oh my pHD!
  11. Sweta patram antey websites lo ichedaaaa….. oh my pHD…..
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