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  1. That is DLM from YRUS….. valla govt lo vallaki against ga evaru open ga chestaaaru?
  2. Comedy graph….. weekend effect anukunta
  3. Oho….. chiariki Nigeria Congo kanna better ani cheppukuntunnamaaa
  4. Ekkada WhatsApp lo na ? Where are these states ranking in human development index and education ? Then we can discuss….
  5. Tokkalo logic…… North states have majority MP seats from many decades. Where did all the MP funds go ? Inkaa ennaaallu eee dopideee ? You guys penalize south states for implementing population control and development tasks, and give incentives to north which never does this!
  6. You mid read the thing….. earlier gurrampati devender reddy anukunta manage chesindi…… after RRR complained to RS, this GA guy is handling laaga undi…. Language lo clear change kooda undi….
  7. YCP had MoSha blessings and it’s proved million times! Inkaa ekkuva hopes pettukuntey verri pushpams ayyedi manamey…..
  8. Mana DB Bhakts build up chaaaru antey artham kaavatlaaa……
  9. Veeedu TN ki Chapti-malai lekka anukunta….. AP lo idly lekka
  10. Telugu people have developed a cult to blindly admire fraudsters! TS also joins AP in this cult!
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