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  1. Any person who is representative from govt is fine with us antaaaruā€¦..
  2. ED cases ah ? Picha lite! Jagan gaaadu enni cases Mudd1 kinda pettukoni koorsunnadu ? The central agencies are a big joke in India!
  3. Lokesh should use thisā€¦.. perfect comparision
  4. Modi did same thing what Jagga is doing in AP. Kill opposition by whatever witch ways and divide people vertically. Human development index, education etc., worst undi Gujarat.
  5. Time pass candidate eeduā€¦.. lite teeskondiā€¦.. huzuraaabad time lo edho wild allegation chesaaadu TRS meedaā€¦.. tarvatha sorry cheppaduā€¦..
  6. Janaala nunchi retort emi undakapovachuā€¦.. they are getting used to his bitterness!
  7. Teachers oka party ki favor chestaaaraaa cheyyaraaaa pakkana peditheā€¦.. election duty ki Jagan gaaadi private sainyam digutundiā€¦ā€¦ mass rigging next level choostaaaaru ee saariā€¦.
  8. Tappanisari paristitulloā€¦.. you can have teachers selling liquor!
  9. Eh raaaayi ayithe enti pallu raaalagottukotaaanikiā€¦ā€¦
  10. Endi ee torture ? 2 hours choosamtaavaaa endi ah Nagi gaaadini ?
  11. Donā€™t read it as vote percentage. Kurnool tour success only shows that our leaders in Kurnool are working so well at ground level.
  12. Sharmila antey confidence antavā€¦.. manollu antey comedy antavā€¦.. ento Nee insecurity feeling!
  13. In hind sight, it could be giving away everything to Adani could Be the ask along with funding to BJP in some states. Ikkada deal set avvaka or Jagan better deal ichi undochuā€¦.
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