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  1. When Megays are kicked by Jaffa in the Butt….. they come to NBK ?
  2. Central govt taxes increased multiple folds (compare pre 2014 vs current). even state govt taxes are increased as a response to central tax increments. states and center will point fingers at each other. BJP claims majority of states are ruled by their party. But they don’t decrease state tax in the BJP ruled states. only solution is —> either a congress led state or some regional party led state to slash out their petrol tax six months before election and dare BJP to do the same!
  3. Liter 200 chestaaraaa ? Then pushpis will say it’s Modi’s master stroke to reduce pollution!
  4. Eppudu Maa elections gurinchi enduku inthalaaa alochistunnaru? Before 2024 there will be another Maa elections and people will forget about this. Meeru meee picha analysis lu……
  5. So we successfully proved that public memory is short! Remedicifier black lo ammina dabbu lo oka 10% undi untundi hard cash gaaa…..
  6. this is how you should spread theories…. Sajjanaar meeeda perfect ga esaaaru….. EOD, it will hit KCR when there is anti building up. KCR ki totthu laaaga behave chestunnaru aney rhetoric baaga start chesaaaru
  7. Simple math…. 2019 June naatiki crude oil 109.xx untey petrol price 72.xx undhi….. Covid peak time lo 19.xx ki crude oil padi pothe…… that benefit didn’t reach to fellow Indians! Instead, the price spiked like never before and we are into 100+
  8. China lo internal crisis…. Anthe kaani it’s not a global shortage ani naa uddesam….
  9. It’s not global shortage FYI. China gadu Australia tho sunnam poosukunnadu….. coal imports cancel chesaaadu….. yes, there is a spike in coal prices, but shortage anedhi boothu….
  10. Orissa govts is one of the worst….. you file an RTI today and you are expected to get a reply in 7-8 years time! That’s how serious the administration is at ground level!
  11. Yeah…. Naresh == Pawan kalyan in personal life and political life!
  12. 2014 March-April lo crude oil prices all time high unna kooda per liter 60+ lo undhi…. 2020 March-April lo crude oil prices all time lo low unnaa kooda per liter 80+ lo undhi….. this is the harsh reality of Modi Sarkar!
  13. Yeah….. global impact heavy gaaa untundi…… Modi ki pandaga….. he can increase prices of many things!
  14. Btw… whatever he alleged on Naresh…. Will apt as-is to Pawala!!!
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