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  1. Before British rule India anney country lo enni statexunnayoo Veelu cheptey vinali
  2. Professional tax increased by 100 rs
  3. He will join .. few more join him in Lokesh Yuvagalam
  4. same in Sarvepalli also Bro… he has a core congress Votebank .. and his own votebank deffently which he can win on Kakani as Somi can’t … releiqbke sources eyy annaru choodham emi jarugutundho
  5. Anam will contest from Sarvepalli or else Aadala side nuchi okaru sarvepalli… Mostly Aanam will
  6. He will join for sure Independent gaa vesi ayina gelusyaadu .. Kaakani tho full fight unndhi and also expected Ministry last time which he did not got it
  7. Anntey Sakshit ayyithey graphics kaluputaaru ikkada ceyyaleydhu emo ley
  8. First ahh local leaders evvaro ceppandi .. elections appudu kanipistaaru malli ettupottaro kooda teleedhu… ahh Srinivasu reddy and Shaik. Kanipistaaru … annthey .. Sarvepalli literally 10 times kooda raaal ee 3 yrs Somi reddy .. ayina kanna gelichina vaadey every week kanipistadu maaku..manodu kaani ayina putraratnam kaani deykanu kooda deykaru … kaani votes kaavali
  9. Bcoz of your pakoda many of us caring now ..
  10. Let’s see brother ….I heard the news from the people around him
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