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  1. she ws professor at osmania university and vice president of zydus cadila and key in setting up shantha biotech....interview will be slighltly boring but covered many good topics
  2. Prof. Gita Sharma Clarifies Speculations on Covid | Vaccine Efficacy on Different Carona Variants |
  3. modi disposed theirvwarnings on second wave..pora puskai annadu..tea neelu kodithe carona sachuddi no second wave annadu anta..amitha shah anthega anthega annadu anta
  4. govt employees should be pripority...emi theda aina...meeru vachi seva cheyali antaru...vallaki kooda vaccine veyyala ante...amen...u guys deseve jagan though
  5. My cousin works in axis bank ..telling same..want to resign and do any business locally to avoid this
  6. just for ur info... An RTI reply received by a man in April last year revealed that the Central government’s state-of-the-art Integrated Vaccine Complex (IVC) at Chengalpattu has not only been lying idle but has not manufactured a single vaccine in the past nine years. so u can imagine the experience of people...uff....edo kanti thudupu veshalu ivi....vaccine production lo good IIL though it is govt...integrated pedda waste and no capability...so private companies chesthai...ivi bokka mumbai based might be good....and all started recently...I am involved in several tech transfers...and no tech transfer will happen in less than 6 months adi kodoa entho aggressive aithey thappa...
  7. except IIL...none of them I am aware.... santha biotech is also in discussion...IIL has no big capacity... and one from gujarath is on the list....
  8. jaggad is ur party naa..malla maaku enduku aa offer
  9. Nee picha..appudu kooda antha free ga ledu..my brother and all around was in first round appudu kooda same situation..pvt hospital lo money ichi veinchukunnaru..he posts as if it is well organised..free slots ..10 min lo aipoundi abna covering..bjp social media contributor
  10. He is andh bakth..do u think he don’t understand that
  11. Most stupid argument le..kumbha lo 10% kooda l’Eni muslim meet meeda edicharu..kumbha lo water lo sachipoddi anta virus 😂😂
  12. Ante nee drishtilo Israel and Uk kooda waste annamata..ninna Europe reject chrsinavi thechadu..eeroju 1.6 ee..40% vaccinate chesina d’esame worst less than 10% with fake numbers goppa..
  13. Canada meda nuvvu chesina visha pracharam kanna..malla fake gurunchi fake star matladatam..