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  1. asala mana batch ki koncem anna alochana undaduga..corrupted system lo government employees kooda part…dharma porata deekshalaki dabbu party itchinda..prathi government office to contribute..alla jebullo nunchi isthara…and same with jagan government..konni govt events govt employees organize cheyali..fund ekkadadi..akkada pettina karchu ee lekkalo choopagalaru we corrupted tye system and blaming one section is stupidity..akkada nuvvu or nenu unna…we do the same
  2. roja ni thokkuthunna peddi reddy…next mla seat ki bokka edathdu emo..manthri padhavi ivvalapothey hmm..
  3. i think cbn tried his best....scs ki ivatam correct...as tdp improved BCs political position...and now scs...but only concern on the person...but mallanna ni try chesadu anta....mallanna is really fool anattu
  4. but he has more maturity than many leaders...
  5. RSS seems to be very instrumental in defining future leaders....hope they go back to roots instead of working for modi
  6. they know his capabilities but just media kosam ala cheputharu..he is tdp official spokes person ga party line datadu
  7. pappuki avakaya add chesthadu annamata
  8. this guy has very good clarity on all the issues...and will convince with logic
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