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  1. Candidate decide kakapothe its gone case anavasaram gha delay chestunaru e constituency kudha Gudivawada lagha avutundhe. Candiate has to spent lots of money against Vamsi
  2. Correct point raise chesaru somehow itdp not doing correctly
  3. Finally long due open gha fight cheyatham best
  4. Exactly what last time campaigning he used. Better not to get involved directly
  5. Expect cheyatham kuda waste if they are committed against fighting corruption they should have done steps long back. As long as that party supports them they won’t bother
  6. Lagadapthi effect ki survey antey nammakham ledhu
  7. I still don’t understand y dropping Gadkhari 75 years retirement annaru malie yeddy ne add chesaru list lo
  8. It’s safe to give ticket to Nani onlylast time thanu kabbatie win ayyadu. It’s better to stick on to the winning candidate only.
  9. Super good to see it is becoming electronic manufacturing hub
  10. plz make some strict safety guidelines for this cruise or boat House tourism that needs to be implemented by however contract is given
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