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  1. Whatever it may be but marie small issue ki disqualify antey too much idhe matram if they are this much sincere corrupted and criminal cases vunna all politicians medha they should have taken action adhe matram vundadhu …. even then BJP will win next elections but still intha avasaram ledhu Rahul medha MP disqualifying cheyatham
  2. No doubt they will believe there story only. As usual ma caste nd religion Anie vestharu Malie votes
  3. It’s better to not believe any of this kind of things last time kuda same intey chesaru final result chustey mind poyindhe
  4. Super good to see it is becoming electronic manufacturing hub
  5. plz make some strict safety guidelines for this cruise or boat House tourism that needs to be implemented by however contract is given
  6. Kurnool police twitter lo active gha reply istey best some 6 guys beating home guard video circulate chestu baffas congs vadinie panilo panie gha mananie include chesie news spreading police not taking action Anie already police arrested them but still they should have atleast made statement regarding it to put an end to this fake news baffas in social media
  7. If possible they should make some brand or tie with big brand to help them
  8. Lover movie lo kudha same spot gandikota lo shoot chesadu konie scenes chala Bagundhe chudathaniki
  9. Hope atleast now GoAP has to take strict action against this illegal boats & safety measures
  10. Yeah. Cellphone plants mostly jobs are giving to local people Nd ladies more so effect will be their whoever benefited from those projects
  11. Good hope 2019-2020 they will start this service Nd it will help tourism a lot
  12. Super eppatikie appudu leader medha respect nd love increase avutune vundhe
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