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  1. thought might be something different but nothing much
  2. Timepass movies easily watchable. First part chustuna feeling vastundhe and seems repetitive
  3. Exactly true if he has patience definitely next time iyna chance ichie vallu
  4. Worst asalu win avadhu Anie telisie Marie istunadu atleast new candidate ki ichie try cheyalisindhe
  5. Hammaya win ayyaru
  6. Jogi full gha spending money antha ippudu nunchie. It’s better to decide the candidate early and if not going with Bode they have to make sure to convince bode otherwise anavasaram gha it will be a dent to TDP only
  7. abhi


    Avg movie with few good laughs
  8. Does people still care about polavaram or special status anymore? everybody knows about it. I wish CBN don’t promise anything like special status will be possible with alliance something like that. we should know they won’t give us any extra funds or any special care even in alliance only expectation they don’t stop us
  9. Visvasham lenie yadava chii whatever may be outdated scrap ki chance ichie balaya did a mistake whatever may be the results it’s better to give chance to young blood
  10. Yeah too much elevations chiraku vachindhe same 30mins appesanu
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