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53 minutes ago, raavikp said:

Evadu ina light Pina petti book or paper chaduvutaru... ee nisani gadu matram kinda light petti chustunnadu

light is on top only i think as what you are thinking as a shadow is actually a folded paper in my opinion. Check the light on his knees which might have come from top. 

It is terrifying to see him read all these papers as it is unimaginable as to what will be sold next. :(

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11 minutes ago, sskmaestro said:

Veediki English artham avtundaaa ? Asalu anni papers chadivi artham cheskoney scene undhaaa ?

Photo digantaniki vaati avasaram enduku mastaru. Photo ki pose iste chaalu. 

Ippudoste vachaadu kaani... ikkadikochi.. (a+b) whole cube formula ela vachindo cheppakapote ade padivelu

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47 minutes ago, V Jagadeesh said:

As a pm , I think we should not make fun of him .,, but the way way this fellow spoiled Ap , never acceptable .,, all gujju fellows are like that only 

Aa padavi gurterigu aa padaviki Vanne teche vaallayite evaraina gouravistaru. 10 years PM ga unnadu Manmohan Singh.. Anthaka mundu Vajpayee.. Evaraina emaina comments chesara? Veedu otti chillara my son kabatti.. Chestunnaru

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