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  1. Hmm thought central govt paperwork is all electronic e-office.
  2. Even after so much suffering not once the person recognizes the good deeds done by CBN. looks like there is anti incumbency but voters are not thinking about TDP/CBN. It’s time for CBN to convert anti incumbency to votes.
  3. Karma phalitham anubhqvinchaka tappadu. Between 2014 to 2019 CBN took good care of employees and retirees. Even then they used to abuse him a lot.
  4. No one is a fool to believe modi. They always play good cop and bad cop. both the parties have strong ties from a very long time. kishan reddy already met jagan for BJP’s cut in the loot for funding UP elections. in realty bank officers are afraid to give further loans due to the case filed in AP high court. TDP should use neutral persons and file a strong case in Higher courts.
  5. It costed Rs. 10000 for birth certificate after sincerely following govt procedures. I finally realized they are not going to give me birth Certificate unless i pay bribe. Lower level employees in AP are the most corrupt and greedy for money. Apart from that there is reverse caste discrimination by sc employees. The main problem is they hardly stay at office and during work hours the person how is responsible for verifying and issuing certificates is attending kutami meetings for active conversion activities. No supervisor or senior management has guts to suspend or reprimand this employee.
  6. Central BJP is directly responsible for destroying of AP economy.
  7. In long term land will be contaminated and toxic. It is good for the country but no use for the state
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