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  1. More than that delhi is a surplus budget state with no debts. In this case it is kejriwal failure to plan for the pandemic well in time. He has at least nine months time to start mobile oxygen plants, stock up on medicines etc.
  2. Main problem is they have not faced any consequences from 2014 2019 in CBN rule.now it is difficult to control anti social elements of the community.
  3. It is not at all a issue. By late 1980s itself almost all scs are converted to christianity. Some of them are fourth or fifth generation christians.
  4. TDP needs to wake up and do something like this in AP for next elections. There are around 30 lakhs bogus voting with people having votes in telangana and rayalaeema or andhra.
  5. The mission was .. Read more at: http://m.timesofindia.com/articleshow/81752444.cms?utm_source=contentofinterest&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=cppst
  6. There is no secret in it. Why do you think they go in private flights. Both kcr and jagan earlier used to use gov naraimhan as conduit to get close to modi. they are the ones funding state elections for bjp.
  7. TDP is missing connection between ground level cadre and CBN. Somehow second tier and first tier level leaders are all missing in action and social media tdp followers are fixated on BJP completing ignoring the main enemy Jagan. You can gauge that from this DB itself. It is last chance for CBN to stop trying to please all and completely revamp party with new leadership at all levels. Otherwise 2024 will be disaster.
  8. Foreign Passport is enough.
  9. Reservations for locals in private sector jaffa jagan garu chesina penta. Now every one is trying to follow it legally it is not possible but they will so it informally.
  10. Visa does not matter every one is eligible.
  11. I heard CBN will do good after 2022 from my colleague at office who is into astrology. he told me in 2017. Go ahead and share about jagan.
  12. Unfortunately our tdp supporters are solely focussed on Modi. Out of 95 rs petrol apprx 45 re are state taxes and states share of central govt taxes. Instead of highlighting this issue our wn people. diverts all the anger of people towards modi. Remember how jagan diverted issues related to central govt reservations, special status. Polavaram on CBN and created huge anti incumbency from. nowhere. If you see neutrally 2014 to 2019 AP state GDP and state revenues doubled. A wise enemy is better than a foolish friend. Wakeup guys.
  13. Interesting information about state taxes on petrol. With blind hatred on modi dont let xxxxxxxxxx jagan go scot free. Attack jagan for TDP ycp is the number one enemy.
  14. In long term land will be contaminated and toxic. It is good for the country but no use for the state