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  1. If they get new vote in Amravati.means, they loose their existing vote ..at least 10k votes in 4 to 5 constituncues...to win 2 loosing 5 constituencies
  2. Siddu cm, main powers Anne dk ki
  3. Rajahmundry jailor ni irikiddamani police ni pampithe 2 beedies dorikayi anta
  4. May be after elections...ippudaite reverse avvuddi
  5. G.v reddy kante Ramesh better....any platform argument Lo win avvali
  6. Nsg guidelines ento to open fire..at least position teesukovalsindi
  7. Suspecting complete demolition of one party
  8. Karnataka elections kosamemo...yogi ni oka pedda saviour laaga campaign chepistaremo
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