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  1. Vadimeeda abhimanam kadu mana meeda dwesham..
  2. Irrespective of our own opinion, we as a opposition party suppose to support employees...the more they protest ,antiincumbency builds
  3. Super...edi interest ayite adi cheyyatam
  4. Emoyees should have protested when 3 capitals announced...when no capital expenditure, GDP growth not visible.
  5. Hra varaku Jagga correcte anipistundi...appudu cbn Penchunappudu situation very...Hyderabad nundi ravali...ikkada rents perigayi
  6. Boothulu tidathadu kabatte vadini sampadichukotaniki vadilesadu. .legalize cheyyanantha varaku illegalega
  7. Correct line teesukonnaru...advts penchukuntadu
  8. Bjp support chesindi gaa...ayina...Modi gadu Valle Jagga egurutunnadu
  9. Resign chepistundi bjp vaallu with pressure from Jagga...main villain Modi gadu...rrr villain ne nammadu
  10. Be practical....as of now without alliance cannot win against criminal....cantsay after one year . But no need to please anyone..it must be win win to both
  11. Courts ap lo baguntene vadu arachakam chestunnadu
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