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  1. Bjp ni complete side chesi mim tho alliance ayite congress vastadi
  2. As of now alliance vunte ne better...vadu mentalodu ayina
  3. Ippudu sympathy kuda leda rajullo....but govt ni baaga target chesadu dare gaa...ee matram anti kanapadutundante rrr karanam
  4. Telangana lo patel patwari implementation date ano edo okati meeting pettali
  5. Tg and Andhra friction should have maintained till 2019 election....kcr always plays good for trs benefit...politically many wrong decisions with cbn
  6. Bjp and ycp wants JSP should not ally with tdp
  7. Something is cooking with the help sirio
  8. Telangana lo debba kottaka pothe ilage chestaru...first preference congress...adi poti lo leka pothe trs
  9. Ap kadu telangana lo nashtam tdp tho pettukunte ane abhprayam ki ravali bjp...appude koddiga dramas aputaru
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