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  1. Vademi pudinggaa endi...Jagan type lo modaledite debbaki vastadu
  2. Govt lo some disturbance vaste peddireddy ne lageste polaa
  3. Not sure what grip he has on kapu community there...their voting is around 25k
  4. Chittoor won only on kuppam majority,that's not the case now ,so that's also blue.
  5. Ycp ayite easy telustadi, tdp ayite kashtapdite telustadi by all means...ayina every election will have different issues
  6. Chirala leaders andaru ycp lone vunnaru ...last ki Balaram ki parchur ichi Chirala amanchi ki istaru ycp...idi kuda kashtame tdp
  7. Kishore Reddy ki ivvatam better tdp lo cherchukoni
  8. Age saripodu 2024 ki...bhuma Brahma....ki allagadda ivvadam better emo
  9. Akhila Priya may join jsp
  10. Congress should get more votes than bjp
  11. Alliance is good but maintain dignity...JSP should follow tdp not viceversa
  12. spineless decisions...you already decided to contest....contest...why to depend on jsp
  13. Unless we have leadership attraction, kapu caste votes consolidates very easily
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