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  1. How to share this video to other watsappp groups ?
  2. I will not vote for tdp if they go with Modi or pk .,,
  3. Positive bro. No PK and no Bjp .,, let’s go alone and concert our base our votes .,, that’s it .
  4. Let tdp get only 50 seats .,, non pk no bjp .,,
  5. As a pm , I think we should not make fun of him .,, but the way way this fellow spoiled Ap , never acceptable .,, all gujju fellows are like that only
  6. It depends upon on wat reason u trust him.,, cast , religion , helping the need .,
  7. Just understand how much acidity these flower batch has , if some one getting good name .,, potaru Rey nasanam ai potaru.,,
  8. I remember wat advani said — if you don’t want to .,, just leave it .,
  9. No one care wat you feel .,, I think advani know the truth than many more .,, period .,,
  10. Ok advani made some statements when he visited Pakistan .,,wat do you sai abt them .,,
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