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  1. Wat if he contests as rebel from narasapuram .,,
  2. Because , the value of bjp is almost zero in ap. And by going with tdp it might become 1. That’s it .,, bjp , modi ., Shaw , don’t trust them .,, they are fake .,, I am happy , I am out of India .,, mostly will never come .,, and slowly forget my Indian roots .,, but the damage done by bjp to ap is a sin .,,
  3. Imp thing is jagan and family are master mind behind this murder. It was done with his approval. These sisters should acknowledge it .,
  4. Hope it’s true with no job cuts
  5. Hope your words are true
  6. Capital one is acquiring Discover. Expected layoff in discover
  7. I think cbn want to take revenge on ap people .,, I I think they deserve it .,,
  8. True, just 90% in my team went back to India and now in Canada .,,
  9. Strengthening party and loyalty and weakning intelligence
  10. But at the same time .,, they won’t sacrifice thousands of their own people .,, if they do ., they loose the trust ., from own people .,, it’s tough time for Israel ., they haven’t seen before .,, but for Palestine its new normal .,, bombs , rockets , human shields .,, etc
  11. They are planning from years , money was unfrozen very recently .,, drump ki ela guuu burra ledhu .,,
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