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  1. Papam le gani ,, they got it very quickly .,, with in 2 years .,,
  2. But there are others who has no cases to bribes . So they will stop working completely.,, either way loss to common people .,,
  3. Hra cut .,, inka full Janam padataremo .,, cm ni Emi Analeka.,,
  4. Inko mata how abt subbarao .,, he might have felt very very bad .,, is int it . nrt might have married a different women .,,
  5. Some uncertainty aaa , every one on h1b are in certainty abt their extension .,, free money started from trump last era .,, continued in burdens time .,, Covid was never accepted by trump .,, crime is there before trump , during trump and after trump .,
  6. Just a question to trump supporters : wat action by current govt made, makes worst than trump
  7. @surendra.g perfect. In other words it’s just people like one among us.
  8. @surapaneni1 Kurchoni typings cheyyatam veru.. situations handle cheyyatam veru... bayatanundi chusetodiki anta bane kanipistundi.... inka migatadi mee istam..
  9. @surapaneni1 letters evvamantea evvatamanaa ? Minister cheppadani murder cheai antea chestaraaa? Don’t they hav back bone? Commonsence use cheayanaa? Papam govt employees assaul lanchalu teesukoru, just becoz of cm and ministers they are like tat else they are very genuine honest and hard working
  10. Wat will happen to the promoters after bankruptcy?
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