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  1. Total 200 b down .,, in that how much is pushpams and how much is black money .,
  2. State sankanaki poina paravaledhu .,, Bjp should have took control and completed it .,, just this project ., what stopped them .,,
  3. Point is : all valuable assets of state are in these gujjus hands .,, ports .,, shipyards .,,
  4. They are not neutral ., they are neither blind bakths .,,
  5. Ap ki chesina anayananiki ., asalu modi and Shaw gadiki Emi chearali .,, leave it abt people and parties .,, they would have completed polavaram now .,,
  6. Her diction is awesome .,, may be blind Bhaktas can listen to the his and open their eyes .,,
  7. @surendra.g perfect. In other words it’s just people like one among us.
  8. @surapaneni1 Kurchoni typings cheyyatam veru.. situations handle cheyyatam veru... bayatanundi chusetodiki anta bane kanipistundi.... inka migatadi mee istam..
  9. @surapaneni1 letters evvamantea evvatamanaa ? Minister cheppadani murder cheai antea chestaraaa? Don’t they hav back bone? Commonsence use cheayanaa? Papam govt employees assaul lanchalu teesukoru, just becoz of cm and ministers they are like tat else they are very genuine honest and hard working
  10. Wat will happen to the promoters after bankruptcy?
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