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  1. I partially agree on Abn over enthusiasm At the same time ippudu ee journalist cheppina comparison lo , Jagan quid pro quo case idi ela equal, dabbulu ekkadiki vellayi anta aa companies nunchi ee so called skill development scamlo nothing was established Jagan cases lo it was clearly established all those companies routed back money into jagan or his allies companies ani RK gadini tidithe tittuko , ivanni same ani oke ghatina kattalsina pani ledu
  2. All it needs is one win now, which gives answer to everyone
  3. Former SEBI , current board nunchi so far no comment
  4. + lo unnapudu ammakunda ippudu negative loki vachaka paiki ravali antey how yaaa, ippudu kida adi paiki vaste malla attipedatam inka peruguddemo ani
  5. Antha bagundi , lastlo Purandeshwari ni request cheyadam enti, is she holding any post or has a say in BJP cancel auipoyinda eee flight koda 15 th Juky nunchi
  6. Exactly 2 months tarvatha Venkayya Naiduni Vice-president ni chesaru by getting him out of govt, he might have objected aligning with Jagga BJP tried to get political advantage in AP by taking YCP into control as with AIADMK in TN.
  7. Okappudu mandu kottadaniki vellevallam Kondapalli from VJA , adi jolly ride annatlu chadukune rojullo
  8. Vachindi danithone mangalagiri sthalam konukkunnadu eee peda raithu
  9. Article is not completely true bro. VIP passes is must for any event as we are aware. For general public it has been made free and there is a big turnout on Day 2 when I attended it, there are all arrangements done and global dance and music festival after the event was also good and engaging. Parking arrangements were also done and there are hoardings with parking slots map every where near the site. People not allowed to watch it from Prakasham Barrage as it will become a blocker for traffic if people start to pile up there. Only down side I felt was traffic organizing by police which is also because of the uncompleted flyover I believe.
  10. I am going to Vijayawada tomorrow with family to watch this event, don’t want to miss the opportunity
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