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  1. RSS plays bad cop and BJP plays good cop. Overall they dont fare a damn about Matha marpidi or AP. There only target is to stay in power at any cost.
  2. It is better to ignore govt employees and TDP should focus on gaining young voters in age group 18 to 30 by highlighting unemployment problem. Govt employees will be going to have one hell of miserable time with jagan for the next 3 years.
  3. CBN employees ke half meals pettalsinq chota muppodula biryani pettaru. I have never seen such a ungrateful bunch of educated idiots. AP state has bloated burecracy. No other state of our size has that many employees and retirees.
  4. Main problem with CBN is the moment he gets power he is surrounded by ias officers completely focused on administration. It works great in developed world but not in AP. I dont know AP people will give one more chance to CBN.
  5. Mana karma Cbn rule lo ee eddy batch nu achisina ambothu laga vadilesaru. veelu chesina damage both state and party antha intha kadu. personal example my childhood reddy friend ycp hardcore sympathizer and He dies building contract works made a fortune during cbn rule. Spent all his savings on ycp and now literally crying as for the last two years there is no work at all. Hopeful TDP will bring this kind of folks into party fold as except for free food batch no one is happy in AP.
  6. Unfortunately neither CBN nor TDP has any counter attack strategies for this type of propaganda. .
  7. Great Job Bharath for bringing awareness about AP financial scams.
  8. One relevant question is why is the voters in the age group 18 to 30 no longer able to relate to TDP and how to rectify it by the party.
  9. You are right on spot. It is the silence from CBN that costed alot for TDP. For 10 long years between 2004 and 2014 CBN raised many corruption allegations and did nothing about in in power. In politics you need to be aggressive player.
  10. AP sttae is already in bankrupt state temporarily on life support by Modi. Modi is allowing state to take apprx 1 lakh crore per annum from psu banks. Rough bare minimum expenses that govt has to spend Interest on debts 3000 cr per month Employee salaries and pension and govt operations maintenance 7000 cr per month without including any freebies or capital expenditure govt has 10000 cr expenses per month. According to budget document total revenue they are getting per month is 7500 cr per month. Forget about freebies
  11. Please dont compare Trump with modi. For all his mistakes trump sponsored r and d and ordered vaccinations well in advance and improved us economy. Modi is in a different league. Biggest con man in the world.
  12. In long term land will be contaminated and toxic. It is good for the country but no use for the state
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