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  1. twitter lo anna KTR leka akka Kavitha no adagaka poyara mari
  2. adhi kuda ela dorukuthundhi. sahaja marananiki thakkuva dabbu ante ?
  3. enti mana AP lona? pakka TG lo kuda monnane baga votlu vesaru kadha.
  4. Does anyone remember what happened with Rajasekhar Reddy. He got that upon himself by not keeping a proper pilot. Now, this is what Modi is doing. He is keeping scientists too who will only praise him and try to cover up the Govts problems. So, don't expect anything from this Govt.
  5. like our DB celebrity Rajakeeyam who is always in action.
  6. Sputnik approval was clearly delayed. Why wasn't Sputnik approved much earlier? Entire world knows its efficacy. Nothing was thought about improving the production of existing vaccines in India. At least Modi knows what is the population in India. There is no attempt to push people to vaccinate. During that time, they could have considered improving the age limit. Why are we also not looking into the approvals of other Chinese Vaccines?
  7. Foreign lo unnaru. Chakkaga vaccination cheyinchukunnaru. How did this happened? Isn't it the efficiency of their Govt or we can also twist it in a different way stating that India is very poor, we have a huge population that can't be controlled. India doesn't have the instructure and money. For the second reasoning, i just want to understand and ask them how is polio vaccine administered in the country? Isn't it the same country with the same huge population?
  8. it is not like that. We are in crisis. Unfortunately Modi is doing nothing to solve this crisis. Why worried about criticism when our inner voice knows is upset on how country is being lead.
  9. Be ashamed of yourselves. When it comes to your like you intend to compare yourselves with Pakistan / Nepal or with USA. You seem to saying that the vaccine rate could never had been improved than what we had done till date. There is a limit to everything. Intha kallu musukuni guddiga ye party ki support cheyatam manchidhi kadu whether it is BJP or TDP or YCP. I think your comment on education for Kejri may also apply to you too. Vivekam tho alochinchandi. Veedu pothe vachevadu edava ani cheppi unna vadi thappulani kappi puchithi vunna vadini pedda edavani chesinatle.
  10. it is not about how many times and how repeatedly they blame Modi. If there is a chance of improvement one will understand what criticism mean. How can a dictator understands it?