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  1. Chesina cheyakapoyina cheppali. Ala chepthe those employees who want to go against law will think twice. Also, Lokesh should do this once in power. Therefore, next time evaraina aduthu paduthu touch cheddamu anukunte alochistharu. Manam idhi manchidhi kaadu anukuntamu kani ila warning ivvatam valla two benefits emo. 1) cadre morale will improve 2) those govt employees who want to support YCP will think twice.
  2. Subani and gang kadha kottindhi ? https://andhrajyothy.com/telugunews/minister-balineni-followers-attack-on-ycp-leader-subbaraogupta-mrgs-andhrapradesh-1921122004384811
  3. Goose bumps on their fighting spirit and a huge sympathy for their continuous grief !! Its time that the Parliament should come up with a law to ensure this doesn't happen to anyone else in the country.
  4. So, ippudu kuda anthe upayoga paduthundhi le as there are no changes of relationship between YCP and BJP.
  5. Tell me as to what extent it helped in preventing the beating.
  6. adhe ikkadi daka techindani kontha mandi abhiprayam mari. rather than using the opportunity to upbring the downtredden it was used to show might against others .
  7. Let YCP go aggressive. Any person with a good heart knows how YCP treated them and how the farmers are suffering.
  8. single man swamy can turn the tables. He is never a man you can rely on. He can even go to the Court on Modi too.....:)
  9. SC chief going to be a Cong guy......malla ila moda lettara pushpalu... kanivvandi....
  10. thanq jayam dude.....ee option heppati nunchi undi

  11. Edavalsindhi centre meeda kadha. Tingarodu veedinunchi inhalants expect cheyalemu let.
  12. Happy Birthday Chandas!!

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