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  1. my point is if he is better, Vasanta should still use proper language.
  2. i always find Vasantha's language very abusive and derogative contrary to Uma.
  3. kodi ni noppi pettatam pakkana pedithe, mari chala biyyam esaru ga TDP last lo? so only biiyyam ne kadhu inka ekkuve ivvali?
  4. Raja mouli peru ni Amaravathi lo konni creations ki suggest chesthe gola chesaru. ippudu idhentanta?
  5. Parties nammukunte emi undadu. Prajalani nammukunnadu le.
  6. Ichedhi BJP. Appudu CBN lobbying chesaru kadha ? ala cheyakapothe appudu CBN ni anochu. Even Mothkupalli knows that CBN can only lobby for the post of Governor. BJP lo cherithene dikku ledu Governor kosam. Ika CBN ni anukunte athma santhrupthi lage vuntundhi. It will be different for KCR as even MLC seat is within his power.
  7. tappemundhi le danlo. Jagan is talking about his cousin sister kadha. Kakapothe actual sister ke anyayam chesadu. i think that is the reason why his Mom is with her now.
  8. anthaku mundu chala ibbandi padindhi kadha TDP lo untuu.
  9. Rajakeeya party ante evaru votesina veyakapoyina andari manchi korukuntu munduku povali. Ila karya karthalu party ni edo annarani godavaki digithe manchi kante nastam ekkuva untundhi. Try to put in facts if you are not agreeing to a point. If the opposite person doesn't understand or listen better don't escalate the discussion.
  10. Calm ga undandi ani vesina thread loki vachi marala emotions tho comment chesthe ela cheppandi. Each one of you should restrict oneself.
  11. please post expecting nothing brother. in that way at least you will not be distracted by troublesome posts and go ahead by making sure we are giving constructive comments.
  12. Let us not be part of such entertainment brother.
  13. Brothers, let us stop this conversation and don't reply to each other immediately without worrying about who had the last reply. As the followers of TDP, this is not the conversation which you cherish not matter whoever is responsible for this conversation to turn out like this. I am sure none of you will be proud about this thread at the end of the day if this conversation continues as it is.
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